crazy times.

well, it’s been kind of crazy around the house. i’m surprised i managed to actually knit this sweater… but i think it was a subconscious form of therapy. knitting is so zen.

i’ve never knit a sweater before. i want to make this one over and over! i really enjoyed knitting this and it was so easy.

the best thing ever is that eleanor wants to wear it everyday. indescribable feelings of joy.

the pattern is called Playground Sweater from a blog called Knitting Adventures. the main attraction to this pattern was that it was free and looked simple. the only changes i made is that the collar is unfinished as i don’t have any crochet hooks and essentially, i am very very lazy. then at my mother in law’s suggestion, i ended each sleeve with a few rows of garter stitch.

the yarn is the same jaeger matchmaker that i used for my scarf… and the colour is perfect to wear over ellie’s colourful stripey tops. so sweet.

(happy halloween everyone.)

Happy Halloween

Well it is Halloween and my kids are climbing the walls with excitement, so i made scary halloween cookies and we decorated them which we all really enjoyed.  I am really happy with them apart from the burnt bits…trying to bake, wash up and get breakfast is a little tricky.

 Love Nat

birthday presents (as opposed to Christmas)

I have been busy of late desperately trying to finish presents I am making for birthdays, let alone the Christmas onslaught…..

Yesterday was my Mum’s birthday and I made her a brooch, (can’t really capture the colour in photo), a bracelet, and a wash bag!

Oh and this cake…! MMMMMMMMmmm although Lili has been the most interested in it (check out her face!).

And I took her to see Julie Walters get presented with her star for the Walk of Stars on Broad Street today too, which was awesome!  She is so funny (Julie, as well as my Mum, who was talking next to me as if she were having the conversation with Julie up on stage!) and such a genuinely lovely and talented old Bearwood bird – I do love her a lot!  Here she is and she struck me as looking an awful lot like Glenys Kinnock, who I used to work for….

I have also finished in time for her birthday a red (“it’s my colour”) hat and scarf for Tallulah.  She will be three in less than two weeks, so I am glad it’s done.  I hope she likes it, I do, and the pompoms were fun to make.

Loved the crafty exhibition, but think I’ll go back without small person in tow to have a proper look!

Keep on craftin’



“make me a pink face!”


"make me a pink face!"


these were the orders that my two year old gave me on saturday morning. and so after choosing the colours and design she put me to work sewing together her new favourite friend ‘annabel’ or ‘pink face’. yes, this little felt creature gets two names. by day, she’s known as annabel and at six in the morning, when i stagger into a darkened room to see why my little girl is whimpering, it’s “i woke up and realised pink face is not here and i was cuddling her in the night so where is she now?” this is the best photo i could get of pink face because a) she doesn’t leave her master’s side very often and b) the weather is sooo miserable and the light so grey.

"make me a pink face!"


generally, i like gloom. these monster types do too probably. the ghost on the left is totally ripped off from a far, far superior ghost i saw at . i made this one up out of a bit of ‘tooth fairy friend’ white felt while i was in a quite unfamiliar halloween mood. we had a debate/discussion/chat about halloween at a recent crafty ladies meeting and i must admit, i usually come over all bah humbug about it but i don’t know if it was the enthusiasm of my fellow crafties or that we’ve been invited to several halloween parties this year but i am getting excited about 31st October. for crafty reasons anyhow.

"make me a pink face!"


so excited that as soon as i had a few spare minutes this weekend, after breakfast but before the ‘pink face’ orders, i decided to try a bit of bandage action. this is ‘prototype mummy’ and he now accompanies my eldest to bed, along with ‘sock man’. sock man was a birthday present made from a cherished pair of socks – is my child the only one who cherishes socks? i think together they make a lovely spooky trio.

"make me a pink face!"

finally an update. ‘tooth fairy friend’ production line going well. one complete, faces and accessories done, five still to stuff. the mess i posted about last time (and by the way, where does a week go. i felt so smug after my last post, thinking “that’s me sorted for a few days” and then a week has flown past and i’ve posted nothing) is still very much a mess. what can i say. time for dinner.

some more of me pottery (just think of Pam Ayres and you’re on the right track!)

Another one of the things I really enjoy doing, crafty-wise, is pottery painting.  We’re lucky enough in Bearwood to have a pottery painting cafe, We Are Mud http:// and I have been a regular there since it opened in 2004.  Over the years I have painted all sorts of things, so I took a few photos of some I use for serving on special occasions to share!

I find the whole process really therapeutic, and Harji, who owns the shop, has been kind enough to let me bring things home to paint when I have had something special to paint, like a christening plate, and being a mum to small children has made it difficult to get to the shop in opening hours while trying to persuade said small children not to run around in a china shop or try to paint everything sludgy-khaki!

I do love my fixes there, and am wondering what I can do for Christmas to justify my craving and also provide a present for someone!


a pillow for eleanor

i had a full blown panic about christmas the other day. what? when did that start happening? and in october? i’m starting to appreciate the days when christmas just magically happened around me without me having to do a damned thing (thank you, mom!). and now i’m the mom… and i know christmas doesn’t magically happen… now, i’m the one that has to make it happen! too much.

ok, let’s change the subject.

i thought i’d show you the pillow i knit for my daughter eleanor a couple of years ago. it was the first project i did after years of forgetting i could knit. i was going through that crazy time during ellie’s first year… trying to figure out what kind of mother i wanted to be (lord, how much pressure did i put on myself?? well, i was crazy that year)… and i knew i wanted to be a mother that made stuff. well, at least sometimes! and i wanted ellie to have something that i had made just for her. so yeah, how exciting and original… i knit a pillow to put on her bed. no, actually, i do love this little pillow. i think the wool is from rowan… a light blue chunky yarn. and the pattern is pretty easy. it’s from baby knits for beginners by debbie bliss. just a long ribbed rectangle that you fold in half, seam up, then button up the end. it was the first thing i ever knit that had a ribbed pattern! i was the queen of the stocking stitch up until then.

i think the buttons are my favourite. i bought them in hay-on-wye at this tiny little wool shop behind the castle. i love the colour. and the orange is perfect with the blue.

(i went upstairs to take a photo of this pillow earlier today and had to dig it out from under a mountain of stuffed animals. i guess i should be happy that at least it was still on the bed!)

i am currently knitting something new… when i finished that neck warmer, i started a raglan style vest (tank top?) for ellie that i’ll show everyone at the next get together. my first sweater type effort! maybe i’ll post a photo of it on the needles tomorrow.

one i made earlier…

..much earlier in fact.  When I returned to knitting in the spring of 2008 I first made a cardigan for my (then) 18 month old daughter… chocolate stains model’s own

(woo hoo – can move images around by editing post once it’s up!)

This post was to see if I could attach images…. now look out!


girls, girls, girls – have you seen this?!!!

  There is a place where we belong!!!  An etsy for the UK folk…..

  Browse and enjoy (or perhaps get back to work, as I should be…)

  Friday at the craft exhibition followed by lunch with the mini ladies sounds like an absolute plan then!  Can we all make next Friday 23rd October?  I have swapped my day off and am looking forward to it all!

  Need to plan a venue for next Wed’s crafty ladies too – will email.  I know this is an abuse of the blog, but hell, you’re only welsh once.