things i have made in the last year and remembered to take photos of

it’s a familiar story…i stopped working in television when my first child was born in 2004 but found that i still needed some sort of creative outlet beyond finger painting with a baby. this, combined with losing my income and having to tighten the purse strings way before the country’s credit began to crunch started me off on my first crafty endeavors. to begin with, home made cards for every occasion. now at christmas we get a little production line going and i can’t imagine ever buying a birthday card again. then my baby started school and suddenly there were invitations to birthday parties coming in every week. reluctant to spend our precious pennies on plastic tat or expensive gifts i started making themed or giant biscuits and they seemed to go down well with the kids. then for christmas i made chocolates and cake, candles and decorations and now, apart from the odd recycled beauty product or book, i make everything. the 5 year olds got felt badges and brooches last year, younger ones bunting, or embellished hair bobbles. most of my female friends and family members have had felt or denim corsages. grown men are a bit harder and still throw me (of course they don’t actually throw me but they should when i give them hand stitched lucky bags containing scratch cards!) I plan to share everything i make on this blog, not just the gifts, but cards, personal projects and the odd dinner or cake. I can’t promise it’ll be every day…but at least once a week i’ll hook up my camera phone to this tired old mac and let you see how crafty i’ve been.

oh, by the way, my name is jennie. i set up the blog last night and so whenever i post it’ll come up as crafty muthas, at least that’s how i understand it. when the rest of the crafty muthas get used to the whole blog setup they’ll have their own monikers and i’m sure how we write and what we write will be as individual as we all are.

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