green machine


i’ve just had a minor operation on my head. small cut, cyst removed, few stitches, no biggy. it has given me a bit of an excuse to sit in a quiet room and sew though. these little brooches take less than an hour to make. a friend kindly gave up her jumper – 100% pure wool from boden in a great colour. an unfortunate accident with the washing machine and i get a nice bit of ‘almost felt’ to work with. the denim one is made from my husband’s old jeans. feeling quite virtuous and the pain is easing.


new school year and already a line of party invites on the mantlepiece. as my son and his friends will all be six this year they are obsessing about losing teeth. some have already pulled and tweaked until they have something to offer up to the all seeing, all powerful tooth fairy but as my boy isn’t 6 until the summer i fear we’ll have a long, painful wait. it has, however, given me a theme for this year’ s presents. meet ‘toothy galore’, a tooth fairy helper. she has a pocket on her back for a tooth and it’s also just big enough for a 50p coin. she rests on the pillow and aids the smooth exchange of teeth for cash. i ‘ve got a small production line going on these. cut out about six at a time. then put a different face on each, followed by sewing pieces together and stuffing. i’m trying to avoid last minute weekend panics – we’ll see if i’m so organised in a couple of months.


these little cuties are actually tonsils for a fellow crafty mutha who lost hers last week. we feel for your loss and hope ‘mr and mrs t’ can ease your recovery.

right, it’s friday night. the two year old is in bed, the oldest is staying up late making birthday cards. time for another glass of wine. night night.


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