i suppose it’s best to just dive in.


i suppose it's best to just dive in.

i remember my mother knitting a lot when i was growing up. and i know that my grandmother knits and crochets and sews. so maybe it’s a genetic thing… or maybe not because i’ve come to crafting late in the game. better late than never, i suppose.


i remember when i was pregnant a few years ago discovering the old blog of stephanie barnes (she doesn’t post here anymore, but has left it up for anyone to read). i found it so inspiring and strangely comforting. my pregnancy was very much unexpected and unplanned, so seeing these little glimpses into a modern family life made me feel like it was all going to be okay. and it made me want to make and create with my child and teach her the joys of making and creating.


stephanie’s blog led me to others like amanda soule and alison brookbanks and there was no looking back. inspired is too small a word! i don’t claim to ever be as prolific as these talented ladies… or my fellow crafty muthas i share this blog with… but goddamn it, if it drives me to pick up my knitting needles or finally learn how to use a sewing machine, then it’s worth it in the end.


so i’ll end this post with a photo of some fingerless gloves i knitted last year and gave to my sister. after browsing around on the wonderful site ravelry, i decided to use the free pattern from knitty called “fetching”. i thought it would be a good challenge because i had never done any cabling or used more than two needles before. i used a couple of balls of debbie bliss alpaca silk yarn (so so soft and gorgeous) and it only took me a couple of nights. i loved them! anyway, i sent them to my sister in kenya, so who knows if she wears them… i might have to steal them back.


(here goes nothing)

p.s. i suppose i better tell you who i am… hello, my name is erin. pleased to be here!

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  1. get you with all your links and stuff. and what about that photo. gorgeous. gorgeous. lovin your post. jenx

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