Hello, I’m another crafty mutha….

Hi, in the spirit of embracing technology, I have finally sussed out how to post (we are about to find out…).

I used to think I could write as well, but this is all sounding quite lame now, so please bear with me..

Anyhow, I have always loved creating things.  From watching my seamstress welsh Gran making me ribbons on her old hand cranked singer to now attempting to teach my own daughter how to knit and sew, making things has always been something I have returned to again and again – it just gives me a sense of fulfilment.

As a teenager I dreamed of being a fashion designer, and was forever customising my clothes, trawling the charity shops of the valleys and I even joined a night class with a load of auld biddies to learn how to cut out patterns properly (although none of them was interested in making a shirt which was split right up the back and each panel was a different fabric, strangely enough…).  As much as I love working with wool, sewing just gives me that instant result that I crave!

Despite the odd (and I do mean ODD) outfit I made in my late teens and twenties, my craft box lay largely unbothered until we bought our first place and I made the curtains out of sari material from Soho Road.  The advent of our two children, and my craftiness has increased in direct proportion to my income going the opposite way!  Shame the demands on my time are on the increase too!

When Jennie first invited me along to a crafty ladies gathering at hers a year ago, I was beside myself with excitement (I really don’t get out that often any more), and haven’t look back since.  I love the thrill of creating something new and generally of passing it on to someone who I hope will appreciate it (not sure if my Dad loves his hat…!).  In the past year I have sewn, knitted, baked, drawn, photographed and crocheted all manner of things – for myself, my husband, my kids, my wider family, friends, friends of friends, and I have loved every minute!  I was just relieved (and slightly bemused) that I was SO not alone in feeling like this and there were plenty of people out there as crazy about crafting as me.

As Jen points out to me, I am the consumate consumer, but as much as I try to make crafting replace the need to purchase, it actually has given me a new outlet for spending

However, I intend to knit and sew my way through my stash, and I hope to share my experiences (good and bad) with you via this spanking new blog (Oh I hope I haven’t attracted any dodgy guests to the blog with the use of the word spanking….!).

I’m sure there’s plenty more I wanted to say, but as always, I’m knackered and there’s a ball of wool downstairs waiting to be converted into something (in this case a little red scarf for Lula’s birthday).

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to Erin for tomorrow  (Pumpkin Watch update – mine is still on the front step, even after a Saturday night! Woo hoo!).

night all


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  1. thank you for the thanksgiving happiness. truth be told i totally forgot about thanksgiving until all my canadian relatives started talking about it all over facebook. oh and my pumpkin still present and intact, too!excited to see you posting! 🙂

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