i just might keep this one

my knitting habits are thus: lofty ideals, total procrastination, knitting slowly, and then i give it away once it’s finished (if it’s finished). well, this morning i find myself completely shocked that i’ve finished a project in less than a month. and i love it so much i’m going to keep it for myself. it’s a world gone mad!


i’ve only been going to the crafty muthas get togethers for a couple of months. the first time, all i brought were some books and enthusiasm. obviously i enjoyed the wine and the cake and the mini pavlovas, but it certainly got me motivated. afterwards, i cast on and began this project.

i found the pattern on knitty (again!) (i freaking love that site). it’s called “aibhlinn” (pronounced “ave – leen”) and i thought it was quite easy and fun to knit. the yarn i used was jaeger matchmaker merino… so yummy and the dark charcoal colour is perfect.


i did learn a new skill with this project… knitting bobbles! i will confess that i had to enlist the help of youtube for this. i am someone that learns visually… i got confused just trying to read the pattern instructions. i just couldn’t picture what i needed to do. so with the help of this video:

… i was away. knitting bobbles is very satisfying. it feels very fancy and gives you instant gratification. but once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy.

the only change i made to the pattern is that i cast on more stitches than it said because i wanted it wider, and it’s a bit shorter than it calls for.


(hi.) this one is for me.


– erin.

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  1. So fantastic! I want to knit one too!!! But I have a list of projects for Christmas presents that I need to get through first….:-(!

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