My First…and very short scarf

Well Gabe (my little boy), is fascinated with the whole mom knitting thing.  He kept asking me to teach him…well if i must…After showing him how to cast on, (can’t believe i can actually show my kids how to CAST ON!!!!)  he, as expected got a little bored, but still was showing a massive interest in the outcome of what i was doing.

So, by the time I got to the end of the ball of wool I bought for him, he was soooo excited and wanted to wear his new, but very short scarf to school to take for show and tell…how could i refuse.

I did expalin on more than one occassion to ensure he told the teacher and class that it was the FIRST thing his mom had ever knitted…!!!  “And tell them it’s more of a cravat than scarf Gabe”  Anyhoo, he loves it and that makes me happy. x

 Love Nat

My First...and very short scarf

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  1. so nice. never would have guessed it was your first scarf! another favourite colour… we seem to like the same 🙂

  2. Thanks gals, he wore it to school and it has returned like a tube??? maybe cause it is so short and not wide enough…pah, will try again. Erin, i love this colour girl. xxxx

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