girls, girls, girls – have you seen this?!!!

  There is a place where we belong!!!  An etsy for the UK folk…..

  Browse and enjoy (or perhaps get back to work, as I should be…)

  Friday at the craft exhibition followed by lunch with the mini ladies sounds like an absolute plan then!  Can we all make next Friday 23rd October?  I have swapped my day off and am looking forward to it all!

  Need to plan a venue for next Wed’s crafty ladies too – will email.  I know this is an abuse of the blog, but hell, you’re only welsh once.


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  1. Ceri Ceri Ceri…why did you show me this website, well i think the felt lady at the market is going to have a fat turkey this year baby…am of to get some NOW… See you next Friday (hope richie isn’t planning taking the day orf though, it is his birthday). xxx

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