some more of me pottery (just think of Pam Ayres and you’re on the right track!)

Another one of the things I really enjoy doing, crafty-wise, is pottery painting.  We’re lucky enough in Bearwood to have a pottery painting cafe, We Are Mud http:// and I have been a regular there since it opened in 2004.  Over the years I have painted all sorts of things, so I took a few photos of some I use for serving on special occasions to share!

I find the whole process really therapeutic, and Harji, who owns the shop, has been kind enough to let me bring things home to paint when I have had something special to paint, like a christening plate, and being a mum to small children has made it difficult to get to the shop in opening hours while trying to persuade said small children not to run around in a china shop or try to paint everything sludgy-khaki!

I do love my fixes there, and am wondering what I can do for Christmas to justify my craving and also provide a present for someone!


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  1. i love the leaves on this – a bit like rachel’s butterflies on that cake. something about the swirling movement. very skillful me dear!

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