birthday presents (as opposed to Christmas)

I have been busy of late desperately trying to finish presents I am making for birthdays, let alone the Christmas onslaught…..

Yesterday was my Mum’s birthday and I made her a brooch, (can’t really capture the colour in photo), a bracelet, and a wash bag!

Oh and this cake…! MMMMMMMMmmm although Lili has been the most interested in it (check out her face!).

And I took her to see Julie Walters get presented with her star for the Walk of Stars on Broad Street today too, which was awesome!  She is so funny (Julie, as well as my Mum, who was talking next to me as if she were having the conversation with Julie up on stage!) and such a genuinely lovely and talented old Bearwood bird – I do love her a lot!  Here she is and she struck me as looking an awful lot like Glenys Kinnock, who I used to work for….

I have also finished in time for her birthday a red (“it’s my colour”) hat and scarf for Tallulah.  She will be three in less than two weeks, so I am glad it’s done.  I hope she likes it, I do, and the pompoms were fun to make.

Loved the crafty exhibition, but think I’ll go back without small person in tow to have a proper look!

Keep on craftin’



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  1. why can’t I intersperse the photos with text? It is only showing me them in a gallery, not as individuals to cut and paste where I want them inthe body of the post…..

  2. if there was a craftathon at the olympics you’d win it! i just dunno how you fit it all in? do little elves visit you in the night?re the blog layout you need to email the guys at posterous. jez said they’re really helpful and if you explain your problem they will try their best to sort it.

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