crazy times.

well, it’s been kind of crazy around the house. i’m surprised i managed to actually knit this sweater… but i think it was a subconscious form of therapy. knitting is so zen.

i’ve never knit a sweater before. i want to make this one over and over! i really enjoyed knitting this and it was so easy.

the best thing ever is that eleanor wants to wear it everyday. indescribable feelings of joy.

the pattern is called Playground Sweater from a blog called Knitting Adventures. the main attraction to this pattern was that it was free and looked simple. the only changes i made is that the collar is unfinished as i don’t have any crochet hooks and essentially, i am very very lazy. then at my mother in law’s suggestion, i ended each sleeve with a few rows of garter stitch.

the yarn is the same jaeger matchmaker that i used for my scarf… and the colour is perfect to wear over ellie’s colourful stripey tops. so sweet.

(happy halloween everyone.)

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  1. so so cute! You take such beautiful photos they really do your work (and ellie!) justice! great sweater x

  2. if anyone wants me to take photos for them… just say the word. i love photography. thanks everyone! 🙂

  3. Have been inspired to check out the blog you picked up the sweater pattern from and I love the stripey top and the dresses she has done. After my Christmas rush is over I might try one for Lula! Thanks for the tip off!

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