My First Santa’s Sack

Well Crafties,
Got the first one complete (with a little help from mother craftie).  I am really pleased with it now, onto the second one for Gabe.
Happy craftin. xxxx

 Love Nat

here kitty kitty….

Finally uploaded some photos from past few weeks and here is Lili modelling my kitty kitty hat for Stef for Christmas.  Cute, huh?! And the hat (ho ho).

I loved making it, and it wasn’t too difficult, but you need to get the right wool. There is always a story behind a creation, and the dangly straps in this were made using Lili’s french knitting doll while sitting outside screen 10 at cineworld with Tallulah, who refused to sit and watch “Up!” as it was too noisy, so we had to wait for the others to come out….never one to tolerate any “down time”, I was just chuffed I had packed it and away we went – one hour later and the second one was done!

Secondly here are the mini crafty ladettes on our crafty away day excursion into town…nuff said.

And here is my second kitty themed crafting  – a carved pumpkin – I only have a photo of the first on my phone, so I’ll download that…..uh, never probably as have never figured out after 3 camera phones how to do it…. hey ho.

Itching to do some more crafting, but not sure what to start on next (toss up between almost instant gratification (ie sewing something) and panicking that I won’t finish my sister’s Christmas present!)..  A bientot mesdames


less crafty more photo-y

so once i finished knitting that little sweater for ellie i haven’t picked up the needles again. or worked on any other craft project either. in fact, i’m sitting here typing away and racking my brain about what i’m going to do at the craft night tomorrow evening besides drink and eat. actually, i think i might print out this pattern and have a go at hand sewing. i bought some felt and i found some of tim’s old jeans with massive holes lying around… there! job done!

okay, the reason for this post was to just mention that i have been a little bit creative recently. my number one creative passion is photography. especially with old cheap plastic cameras and film… and especially old polaroids. it was polaroid week over on flickr at the beginning of the month. in between every member of my family staying in this house getting a stomach bug and vomiting for a week, i managed to take some polaroids, scan them, and upload them to the internet. all wasn’t lost. i thought i’d show you guys my favourites…

a scarf for the queen mum!

a scarf for the queen mum!


i prefer not to, but sometimes i have to go into a shop. for instance, its november and scout has been refusing to take off her crocs. wellies for splashing in puddles fine. but she will not ever, never wear a pair of shoes that would constitute sensible seasonal wear. we’ve been through the shoe box and tried on all the cast offs and hand me downs. “they’re annoyinig me” she cries. so we went off to a shoe shop and came home with some shoes of the non-croc variety. its a miracle. but this is what i hate about the shops. we walked past a rack of woolly hats. she tried one on. it looked adorable. i bought it. socks too for the boy, so he doesn’t feel left out. where will it end? thing is, scout really needed a scarf too but even i, knitter un-extraordinaire, can knit a scarf. so i unpicked a square of wool i’d originally planned to make into a blanket (ha! like i actually thought i’d make a blanket. no instant gratification…no point when it comes to this crafty mutha!) its not a particularly long scarf, and its just plain knit on very big needles because that’s sort of all i can do without killing off any more brain cells. i trimmed it with a few rose pink buttons to match the corsage of the hat and i’m so pleased with it i’ve actually started on my own in black. but unlike scout, i won’t be rockin a queen mother look…hopefully.

a scarf for the queen mum!


now, as promised – denim, denim, denim, denim, denim…..i love it and i’ve had a lot of mileage out of my husband’s old fox jeans of late. this little bag for lovely lula’s birthday and these two prototype butterflies. i really just wanted an excuse to use the pocket lining because i loved the pattern. they’re not quite right but practice will hopefully make perfect.

Scooby Dooby Lula


Scooby Dooby Lula

Well here we are at the end of the birthday weekend’s festivities (almost too tired to type!) and madam had a sensational time.  Thanks to all participants, from Bearwood to the M4 corridor, from Rugeley to the big smoke.  She weathered all events rather well and still has our presents to open, which means it’s still not officially over I guess.

Here is her official cake, with the Scooby Doo figures in place (before she opened the haunted mansion and liberated the “gang” from their cakey mansion), and after the right hand tower keeled over in the night and is shored up with wooden skewers and matchmakers!

The trickiest part was getting the buttons to stay in place on the ice cream cones without sliding off… still it was all done by midnight!  Bit of a rip off of Jennie’s for Sonny last year or the year before I am afraid too, but birthday girl was happy, so that’s all that counts.

Back to the knitting and stitching now for Christmas presents beckon….

yawn…night all




belated halloween update


belated halloween update

so i confess, these two i made a while back now and i can’t take all of the credit either, but they did have a bit of a make-over last week as they were going to not one, but two, halloween parties. and if you think this dracula and his wife are scary you should be glad i’m not posting the photos of the parents. truly frightening. i can wholeheartedly recommend the snazaroo (google it) face paint though. it went on very easily and i’m someone that only puts makeup on for weddings and birthdays so when it comes to painting faces i’m truly an amateur. plus, two very tired children had a wet wipe wash before bed and next day a quick scrub in the tub and every bit came off. even the blonde locks were returned to their full glory.

belated halloween update


so for halloween you need spooky treats and i was looking forward to making these mummy biscuits for such a long time. i was not disappointed as they turned out just as i imagined. my usual gingerbread recipe, usual gingerbread man cutters and royal icing piped from a plastic bag with a snipped corner. very simple and very cute. the bats were made using a butterfly cutter from the kids play doh and then i found a left over ball of black fondant icing in the cupboard so i managed to use up the gingerbread scraps and the whole ball of icing. frugality always puts a smug smile on my face, which shows just how sad i am.

belated halloween update

talking of butterflies…i ripped off someone else on etsy again when i made these cards. i’ve made my own cards now for five or six years and apart from saving me a huge amount of money (smug frugal face again) i really do love cutting and sticking. my husband brought home a scalpel once and it is still one of my favourite gifts ever. these are simple and effective and have got me racking my brains for variations. this week I’ve also been working on some butterfly brooches and other recycled denim projects that i’ll save for next time, as well as making unsatisfactory shortbread and excitingly, infusing vodka with figs. it’ll take two weeks to develop so we’ll all have to wait for that.

Rock n roll keyring

Wanted to make a little extra for a friends birthday, and all though this is the prototype i am really pleased with it.  The hair bobbles are also little extra birthday pressies.