a scarf for the queen mum!

a scarf for the queen mum!


i prefer not to, but sometimes i have to go into a shop. for instance, its november and scout has been refusing to take off her crocs. wellies for splashing in puddles fine. but she will not ever, never wear a pair of shoes that would constitute sensible seasonal wear. we’ve been through the shoe box and tried on all the cast offs and hand me downs. “they’re annoyinig me” she cries. so we went off to a shoe shop and came home with some shoes of the non-croc variety. its a miracle. but this is what i hate about the shops. we walked past a rack of woolly hats. she tried one on. it looked adorable. i bought it. socks too for the boy, so he doesn’t feel left out. where will it end? thing is, scout really needed a scarf too but even i, knitter un-extraordinaire, can knit a scarf. so i unpicked a square of wool i’d originally planned to make into a blanket (ha! like i actually thought i’d make a blanket. no instant gratification…no point when it comes to this crafty mutha!) its not a particularly long scarf, and its just plain knit on very big needles because that’s sort of all i can do without killing off any more brain cells. i trimmed it with a few rose pink buttons to match the corsage of the hat and i’m so pleased with it i’ve actually started on my own in black. but unlike scout, i won’t be rockin a queen mother look…hopefully.

a scarf for the queen mum!


now, as promised – denim, denim, denim, denim, denim…..i love it and i’ve had a lot of mileage out of my husband’s old fox jeans of late. this little bag for lovely lula’s birthday and these two prototype butterflies. i really just wanted an excuse to use the pocket lining because i loved the pattern. they’re not quite right but practice will hopefully make perfect.

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  1. that is the best photo of scout, ever. the hat and scarf really suit her. 🙂 and hey, look at you taking photos of your butterflies out in the garden! genius. xoxo

  2. Great photo of Scout looking proud of her scarf – Lula just proclaims "it’s itchy" at all of the things I have lovingly crafted for her…! I finished a pair of mittens complete with cord last night so need to get them up too! She loves her bag (fighting Lili for it, as you saw at school!) thank you (and Jez!). Butterflies are jean-ius! geddit! oh why do i bother…..

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