less crafty more photo-y

so once i finished knitting that little sweater for ellie i haven’t picked up the needles again. or worked on any other craft project either. in fact, i’m sitting here typing away and racking my brain about what i’m going to do at the craft night tomorrow evening besides drink and eat. actually, i think i might print out this pattern and have a go at hand sewing. i bought some felt and i found some of tim’s old jeans with massive holes lying around… there! job done!

okay, the reason for this post was to just mention that i have been a little bit creative recently. my number one creative passion is photography. especially with old cheap plastic cameras and film… and especially old polaroids. it was polaroid week over on flickr at the beginning of the month. in between every member of my family staying in this house getting a stomach bug and vomiting for a week, i managed to take some polaroids, scan them, and upload them to the internet. all wasn’t lost. i thought i’d show you guys my favourites…

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  1. love these, i love that green tint you get and ellie just looks gorgeous she’s one lucky girl that she’ll have so many lovely pictures of herself when she’s older.

  2. i agree with Jen. She is a cutie (um, that’s Ellie, obviously, oh god not that Jen’s not cute.arrggh!). I was going to say, I do love them all, but I am a sucker for a photo of a child, so that one is my favourite (tho I love the bird eating the popcorn too!!)Sees ya later alligatorsCx

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