here kitty kitty….

Finally uploaded some photos from past few weeks and here is Lili modelling my kitty kitty hat for Stef for Christmas.  Cute, huh?! And the hat (ho ho).

I loved making it, and it wasn’t too difficult, but you need to get the right wool. There is always a story behind a creation, and the dangly straps in this were made using Lili’s french knitting doll while sitting outside screen 10 at cineworld with Tallulah, who refused to sit and watch “Up!” as it was too noisy, so we had to wait for the others to come out….never one to tolerate any “down time”, I was just chuffed I had packed it and away we went – one hour later and the second one was done!

Secondly here are the mini crafty ladettes on our crafty away day excursion into town…nuff said.

And here is my second kitty themed crafting  – a carved pumpkin – I only have a photo of the first on my phone, so I’ll download that…..uh, never probably as have never figured out after 3 camera phones how to do it…. hey ho.

Itching to do some more crafting, but not sure what to start on next (toss up between almost instant gratification (ie sewing something) and panicking that I won’t finish my sister’s Christmas present!)..  A bientot mesdames


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