happy new crafting year!

Can’t believe the much-hyped Christmas and birthday season is almost at a close in our house!

It seems to have been forever coming, and yet too too close as I struggled to get everything I want done in time for presents.  I fell short (ho ho ho) but am determined to learn and get started in January ready for next year!

I am really pleased with what I have achieved this year, from learning new knitting techniques and creating things not only I but others are proud to wear, to making at least one present for all of my family and most of my friends.

I attach a few photos to illustrate: Lili’s Wizard of Oz birthday cake, a dress for my niece Flora’s 4th birthday on Sunday, felt dinos for the crafty ladettes, hair bands and bobbles, the kitty hat featured earlier I will try and upload from my phone as it also features the felt moustaches, which were a big hit! plus plum jam, ceri-melised onion jam, hanging hearts and trees and corsages (all not photographed!),  wristbands and Jen’s white chocolate recipe plus the Christmas tree biscuits I also forgot to photograph!

I am about 5/6 way through my sister’s angora scarf (tickly noses and fibres all over my T shirts!) and woefully slow on Lili’s cardi.  I have also promised to make Loz a hat, and can’t wait to start on my own wristwarmers too!

Our Christmas was made all the merrier by additions to our table from very kind friends (including but not exclusively fellow crafty muthas!).  So we supped port and ate moroccan spiced crackers with welsh cheese last night, and had port, cranberry and orange sauce, plus a chilli and cranberry jam with our turkey, chestnuts with our sprouts, and a whacking great slab (that was for Loz) of Jack Christmas cake!  Warmed up gingerbread buns for breakfast and wrapped up warm in a crocheted cowl!  Bliss!

So thank you, crafty folk, one and all!

And here’s to a creative 2010

Ceri xxx


knit neck piece

DSC_1255 (Medium)

why yes, i did go to sainsbury’s and buy that top in teal. half price too! and i thought my experimental knit neck accessory thing might match.

christmas craft and cava

Well it’s fast approaching and i already feel like i have over done it a bit..oops.

  Christmas cakes now done, am really pleased with the Jack one, i hope the recipient is pleased to.  I stole the other idea from the Sainsbury’s magazine, it is really cute and very very simple…

  Also thought i would post a photo from our christams crafty night…much much fun.

  This is probably my last post of the year, so happy christmas to one and all, and may your new year be full of fun, felt and frolics. xxxxx

wreaths and wrist warmers


wreaths….until now i’ve never been a big fan of them. i don’t know, i just can’t get funerals out of my head when i say the word wreath. so i’m sure that’s why i’ve never bought/owned/wanted a wreath. that and the fact that they cost a lot and a real tree every year is more than enough expense for this family, especially as its just for christmas. but my neighbour, louise, asked if i’d make a fabric covered wreath as a wedding present for some winter nuptials and so i thought i’d have a go. i bought several polystyrene inners and then sourced lots of fabric – some vintage bits of satin and velvet, some new ribbon, recycled curtains and wool scraps as well as interesting bits of trim to add interest. the base fabric is wound round the wreath and secured by any means necessary. i hand embroidered a few little details, although i found its quite hard doing that once the wreaths are wrapped in the base fabric. my neighbour had the blue/silver one for the happy couple and the red one (my favourite) for herself.


and then her mum asked me to make her something a bit more traditional, so i cut out some poinsettia shaped flowers/leaves from felt and stitched a few veins on for extra texture. then pinned them onto the base with yellow pins and added some glitzy ribbon for a bit of christmas bling. I’m seriously thinking of making some more earlier in the new year and trying to sell them because they are really fun to make. now i just have to make one for my front door and get over my wreath-phobia.


i should be doing more for christmas but the wreaths have kept me busy and i’ve also been trying to master knitting with double point needles to enable me to make some wrist warmers for my best mate’s birthday. she saw the gorgeous red ones erin gave to me and i stupidly said i’d make her some. i’m no knitter and can only aspire to reading patterns and creating the sort of stuff ceri and erin do but erin gave me some pointers and i’ve been learning by my many mistakes. i did the first attempt too small and decided the wool was wrong too. then i got this lovely dark green baby alpaca/merino mix wool (rowan lima) and tried again. the first one was ok. but i could just not get the second. finally i set aside a whole evening of silence to allow me to concentrate, only to cast off really badly/tightly and have to give up/unravel. but with just a few days to spare i finally finished the second one, added a few buttons because i just can’t say no to buttons and presented them to my friend with the fig vodka i made recently. she won’t open them until sunday so fingers crossed she approves.


stuffed denim trees

like i promised in my last post, i did make these little stuffed christmas trees. the last new craft nights have been devoted to these little cuties. they were so easy to make. my sewing machine still isn’t up and running so i just hand sewed these. i’m a bit of a simple loving minimalist, so i also didn’t decorate or adorn them with anything… just left them as they are. i love them grouped together like this. tim, eleanor & i went foraging up at warley woods this afternoon to find some pine cones and little twigs that we are going to put around them and it will be a little centrepiece for the table. very sweet. i’m feeling very christmasy already!

ho ho ho

Weeellllll, how hard is it trying to be crafty as well as all the normal prep for christmas!!!

  Here are a few of the homemade pressies i have managed to complete so far, and like Ceri, i still have to do the chutneys and ice the christmas cakes and bake the biccies…cor blimey gov what a busy bunch we are!

  I have done a couple more of my Rock n Roll keyrings for me pals, brooches for the chicks at work and a first attempt at a rainbow brooch for a certain Miss Saunders birthday pressie, and a scarf I knitted for me bessie’s christmas pressie.

  Apart from the slight stress it causes worrying if you are going to get everything finished, i wouldn’t stop for the world…happiness is getting me little crafty box out at about 7.30pm with a cheeky glass of wine (or pint of cider if i’m being honest)


craftin’ craftin’ craftin’

Still going like the clappers (made two fabric heart decorations whilst watching the final of I’m a Celeb last night, plus some little beaded stretchy elastic bracelets), with my sister’s scarf half knit, a dress for Lula cut out but need to use it to trace another one for my niece, plus a cardi for Lili part way done, then a whole bunch of wristbands need to be knit, plus corsages and hearts to be sewn….then there’s some more preservey type stuff and then the final biscuits and chocolates which have to wait until the last minute…argh!


Why oh why then did I agree to Lili having her birthday party before Christmas?!  And the vast numbers she is inviting, to feed, entertain and giftbag them all?!!!  I have decided on the cake, and ordered some icing etc yesterday which came today (wow!) from http://www.CakesCookiesandCraftsShop.co.uk.  May need to enlist some help though…!


In the meantime here are some snaps of Lula in her hat and scarf, plus my first mittens (although in this photo she also has Lili’s fleece ones on!) – she likes to twirl them around onthe cord!  And one of the cute denim corsage for the lovely Rachel.  And here is Iain modelling his Coventry City coloured sweatband whilst duetting with our very own crafty mutha Jayne!


Have also made a corsage in tartan but yet to take photo, as well as my first attempt at a dino, and the cupcake bobbles and heart headband for the 6 year old birthday girls from this week.  Will upload after nativity I expect!


Tree is up and semi-dressed although we are waiting for Daddy to be at home and semi-conscious before we put the fairy on top….official switch on planned for Monday night!  Also this year we have got sky lanterns to write letters to Father Christmas on and light them and watch them float off into the sky to Lapland…. http://www.skylanterns.com/skylanterns/index.php?page=shop.browse&categor…
Reality probably means them a) catching fire and ending up setting next door’s washing alight, b) it rains non stop until Christmas, or c) they won’t be able to fit their incredibly long lists onto that much paper lantern…..


Right, cold and tired, so off to bed now