craftin’ craftin’ craftin’

Still going like the clappers (made two fabric heart decorations whilst watching the final of I’m a Celeb last night, plus some little beaded stretchy elastic bracelets), with my sister’s scarf half knit, a dress for Lula cut out but need to use it to trace another one for my niece, plus a cardi for Lili part way done, then a whole bunch of wristbands need to be knit, plus corsages and hearts to be sewn….then there’s some more preservey type stuff and then the final biscuits and chocolates which have to wait until the last minute…argh!


Why oh why then did I agree to Lili having her birthday party before Christmas?!  And the vast numbers she is inviting, to feed, entertain and giftbag them all?!!!  I have decided on the cake, and ordered some icing etc yesterday which came today (wow!) from  May need to enlist some help though…!


In the meantime here are some snaps of Lula in her hat and scarf, plus my first mittens (although in this photo she also has Lili’s fleece ones on!) – she likes to twirl them around onthe cord!  And one of the cute denim corsage for the lovely Rachel.  And here is Iain modelling his Coventry City coloured sweatband whilst duetting with our very own crafty mutha Jayne!


Have also made a corsage in tartan but yet to take photo, as well as my first attempt at a dino, and the cupcake bobbles and heart headband for the 6 year old birthday girls from this week.  Will upload after nativity I expect!


Tree is up and semi-dressed although we are waiting for Daddy to be at home and semi-conscious before we put the fairy on top….official switch on planned for Monday night!  Also this year we have got sky lanterns to write letters to Father Christmas on and light them and watch them float off into the sky to Lapland….…
Reality probably means them a) catching fire and ending up setting next door’s washing alight, b) it rains non stop until Christmas, or c) they won’t be able to fit their incredibly long lists onto that much paper lantern…..


Right, cold and tired, so off to bed now




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  1. wow i’m tired just reading that! firstly thanks for sky lanterns tip!!!! like i haven’t just bought 25 of them to give to all the kids i know for christmas and now they’ll all probably have one! secondly how to make a gal feel bad. your productivity amazes me…i have spent 4 hours doing my 2nd wrist warmer only to cast off really badly, try to unpick, and with four needles you know its only going one way! will be starting afresh tomorrow, for now i’m gonna watch match of the day!

  2. i agree Jen, she is amazing Cerri i don’t know where you get your energy from, all of the stuff is so lovely too. go girl x

  3. Have come up with ingenious plan in my sleep – I am going to make vouchers for people telling them what I intend to make them, removing the pain of trying to get it all done in the next two weeks, and thereby enjoying my creativity and not hating it for taking so long!!!!

  4. i know there’s no photo… but your tartan corsage you made at crafty ladies was to die for. i covet it! such lovely things you make… i hope you aren’t getting too stressed by it all! your voucher ideas is a good one. 🙂

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