ho ho ho

Weeellllll, how hard is it trying to be crafty as well as all the normal prep for christmas!!!

  Here are a few of the homemade pressies i have managed to complete so far, and like Ceri, i still have to do the chutneys and ice the christmas cakes and bake the biccies…cor blimey gov what a busy bunch we are!

  I have done a couple more of my Rock n Roll keyrings for me pals, brooches for the chicks at work and a first attempt at a rainbow brooch for a certain Miss Saunders birthday pressie, and a scarf I knitted for me bessie’s christmas pressie.

  Apart from the slight stress it causes worrying if you are going to get everything finished, i wouldn’t stop for the world…happiness is getting me little crafty box out at about 7.30pm with a cheeky glass of wine (or pint of cider if i’m being honest)


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  1. another very busy mutha. we’ll be callin you kirsty next! one little rainbow’s gonna be very happy too.

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