happy new crafting year!

Can’t believe the much-hyped Christmas and birthday season is almost at a close in our house!

It seems to have been forever coming, and yet too too close as I struggled to get everything I want done in time for presents.  I fell short (ho ho ho) but am determined to learn and get started in January ready for next year!

I am really pleased with what I have achieved this year, from learning new knitting techniques and creating things not only I but others are proud to wear, to making at least one present for all of my family and most of my friends.

I attach a few photos to illustrate: Lili’s Wizard of Oz birthday cake, a dress for my niece Flora’s 4th birthday on Sunday, felt dinos for the crafty ladettes, hair bands and bobbles, the kitty hat featured earlier I will try and upload from my phone as it also features the felt moustaches, which were a big hit! plus plum jam, ceri-melised onion jam, hanging hearts and trees and corsages (all not photographed!),  wristbands and Jen’s white chocolate recipe plus the Christmas tree biscuits I also forgot to photograph!

I am about 5/6 way through my sister’s angora scarf (tickly noses and fibres all over my T shirts!) and woefully slow on Lili’s cardi.  I have also promised to make Loz a hat, and can’t wait to start on my own wristwarmers too!

Our Christmas was made all the merrier by additions to our table from very kind friends (including but not exclusively fellow crafty muthas!).  So we supped port and ate moroccan spiced crackers with welsh cheese last night, and had port, cranberry and orange sauce, plus a chilli and cranberry jam with our turkey, chestnuts with our sprouts, and a whacking great slab (that was for Loz) of Jack Christmas cake!  Warmed up gingerbread buns for breakfast and wrapped up warm in a crocheted cowl!  Bliss!

So thank you, crafty folk, one and all!

And here’s to a creative 2010

Ceri xxx


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  1. let’s make our evening with Jenks a crafty one then! looking forward to Malvern – hope you can both come x

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