Happy New-ish Year !

Well what a great christmas and new year that was. 

  And now all the chocolate and cheese is eaten i needed something to keep my fingers busy, so I got out my lovely shiny new glue gun and attempted my first handmade card for Ceri’s birthday and was really really pleased with it.  i also made the felt bracelet which was really simple and looks great on.

  My son had been asking me to knit him a hat for ages so what with our winter weather i did, and judging by the look on his face, i think he wishes he hadn’t!

  I am currently obssessing over my new found love of moss stitch and am rustling up a scarf for Erin’s daughters birthday, so will post that when it’s finished.

  Right am off to stick my head in some crafty books for more inspiration!


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  1. wow – love the card – what kind of glue gun did you use – me thinks I’ve got a wish list it could go on!

  2. Hi Kate, Thanks not bad for me first attempt. It is a mini stanley glue gun, really good it is too. They are not that expensive, although i had it for christmas. They have them on Amazon. x

  3. Hi Nat,It’s looking good. You never know, I may even join you if I ever pick up my stuff again, although I don’t have a kid but could borrow one I suppose…Ellie xxx

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