this is it

jennie here, with my first post of 2010. its been a faltering start to the new year, but hopefully for me (and the other muthas) the new decade will be a creative and perhaps enterprising one. 2009 was productive to the last and i enjoyed the final mad push to get the presents made, wrapped and tagged. then i spent christmas day ill, under a blanket on the sofa, unable to cook the dinner. my partner eventually rustled up some ham sandwiches and while it made a change from the usual dozen or so family members descending on us (and thankfully this year we’d already decided to keep it small) it was certainly not a vintage christmas. in the hectic run up though i did get everything finished, even if i did have to ditch some of the grander ideas. unfortunately i didn’t get around to taking pictures of most of it. doh!

this is a pic of a crafty ladies evening in november which i used to whittle down the contenders for christmas sweet treats. the lemon shortbread and white chocolate bark didn’t make it. also, i’m not running a ferrero rocher factory, i just really like them!

this is it


So here’s a summary of my christmas makes…

100 christmas cards, 80 star biscuits, 20 bars of rocky road, 10 bags of white chocolate and baileys fudge, 9 felt corsages, 6 jars of cranberry sauce, 5 photo baubles, 4 pots of lemon curd, 3 jars of plum chutney, 3 jars of marrow chutney, 3 pairs of wrist warmers, 2 hanging felt hearts, 2 comedy moustaches and a wreath for my front door!

this is it

i did take a photo of the wreath hanging on the door, a bit of a cheat because i just pinned everything on at the last minute, but it does mean i can ring the changes next year without too much effort. the materials used for this were mostly recycled :- my husband’s old t-shirt, some felted jumper scraps, left over wool, plus some lovely ribbon from a secret stash box purchased from ‘what katie did next’ on the door knocker (along with the door…. and house come to think of it) has got to go! and so do i.

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