get yer socks off


this weekend i needed a present for a four year old and i just couldn’t think what to make. i turned to this site ( for some inspiration. the japanese nuigurumi are so, so cute but also very cool. i have a feeling that they’re more appealing to adults than children but sonny, my 5 year old, loves his sock monster so i’m hoping this little fella goes down well. i’ve called him ‘notabus’ because he certainly isn’t a bus. he is made from a small pair of socks, with some tweed yarn for hair and some lovely red embroidery thread which i used for the decorative stitching. a few buttons and some co-ordinating cotton ribbon finish him off. he took 3 hours of my friday night – and with american idol on my planner it was a pretty perfect end to the week.


i’ve been baking loads this week and today i made some guinness cupcakes with baileys buttercream for another birthday. i still have a little bit of the buttercream left so i’m off to lick the bowl right now.

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