creative cows

well we had our first crafty muthas’ training day a few weeks ago, courtesy of the lovely ladies over at creative open workshops ( at the custard factory.

none of us really knew how to crochet (well, it turned out some of us knew better than we’d thought, and others really couldn’t be taught…!) so we opted for a crochet ring necklace session, which was a right laff and ended up with three of us leaving wearing our creations!

the photos give a flavour of the night (yum, hazelnut cakes!).  Thanks to Denise and Francine, and I cannot believe you caught that train, Denise!

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  1. It was a wonderful evening, thank you all for being so brilliant!! I had a ball, I just love teaching people to crochet. I can’t quite believe I caught my train either!! 🙂

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