fruits of my labours

hell, this has been a productive few days!

First off I managed to make a dinky pair of mittens on string in time for Miss Ellie’s 3rd birthday (can’t wait til Erin posts a pic of that CAKE on here! nuff respect!), which I was quite pleased with, but hope they fit! The colourway certainly fits with the cake!

Then I made a couple of corsages while watching Children of Men on Saturday night with my hubby – one for a friend’s birthday the next day, and the other to match a friend’s coat and hat.  Handed them over today and they were both thrilled, which is a nice feeling.

Sunday Lili was off being a domestic goddess with CM Rachel, decorating cakes and gingerbread men, and making truffles, and L & Lula went swimming, so I spent two hours working creatively on my job appeal (almost took photos but never want to see it again, so didn’t!), with papers spread over the entire dining table to “organise” my thoughts….

Then I began the cooking spree – I made plum jam, veg soup (sweet potato, red onion, leek and carrot), tomato and pepper sauce and my first attempt at lemon curd.  I think I need to practice that as I ended up with bits of scrambled egg in it….. picking out the bits of white meant I only ended up with two jars….  What did I do wrong Jen?!  Should I have beaten them a bit more before adding them, or was my pan too close to the water?  Haven’t tasted it yet, but the plum jam was delish on porridge and I am having the soup for lunch all this week!  I do love how good the jars all looked together on the window sill, but you get the idea how long it all took as the sky is dark outside!!

At midnight, I made some birthday cards for birthdays this week and next.  I love this birdie stamp, it’s by  Recycled a gorgeous box I had received a present in from my lovely friend Kate for my birthday to package the jam and corsage gift, as the box was particularly apt for the recipient.

Now just have to decide what to make myself with the delectable wool that came for me in that box!  Oooh decisions!

Finally, as a catch up here are some pressies I hadn’t finished or photographed before!  Clare’s tartan corsage looking fabbifun on her grey lapel, and Nini’s intricate angora scarf – thank God it’s still threatening to snow….! And then there’s the little hanging heart I made for nini’s pink micro Xmas tree. Phew!



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  1. i liked children of men but how do you concentrate on a film and other stuff i just can’t do that. thanks for the lovely pic of me failing to crochet. i’ll be posting later on how that ended up! totally lovin the cards. gorgeous. and that scarf is just so so beautiful and you’d pay an absolute fortune in the shops for it. your friend must feel really special. lemon curd….now that’s something i’m good at and so seeing as we’re almost out of the plum jam you made at christmas i will gladly swap you a jar in return for me posting the best ever recipe for lemon curd. its failproof.

  2. those mittens are the best! they remind me so much of the mittens i wore as a kid in canada, hand knit by my grandmother. i’m so happy that ellie will get to wear the same kind too. thanks for spoiling us so much! xoxo

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