i-cord i happy

as you may have gathered from ceri’s post about the crochet workshop some of us (me) don’t respond well to being taught. i left school at fifteen with some o levels but since then have pretty much picked up everything i know on my own. i like to find my own way, which is usually not the right way, but it’s how i like it. i’m just too old to change my ways now. i will return to crochet one day i’m sure, if i ever regain the use of my left hand, but feeling a bit of a failure after that session i decided to try i-cording instead. i just read the instructions on about .com (http://knitting.about.com/od/knittingskills/qt/icord.htm) way easier and useful too. so this little jean pocket bag which i made for ellie’s birthday combines both the abandoned crochet rings and an i-cord.


what really pleased my simple mind was that when you turn the bag upside down you can pretend its a little house for your little people. that’s what i’d do if i was three anyway!


now i want to share another fantastic recipe in response to ceri’s post about her failed lemon curd. this is not delia’s lemon curd. i’d normally turn to delia for the classics but this is unlike any other lemon curd recipe. easy and extremely lemony. i doubled it for christmas and still only got a few jars worth but this is so simple you could make it every week. i’m not going to write it all out – here’s the link. www.finecooking.com/recipes/lemon_curd.aspx you start off almost like making a cake which seems really weird but you end up with smooth un-curdled lusciousness perfect for filling cakes and mixing into yoghurt or ice-cream or just spreading on your toast. and if anyone reading this is coming to ‘the bearwood tapestry’ event on 18th feb you can sample some because i’m making a lemon curd drizzle cake.


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  1. that bag is amazing! ellie has been carrying around her little treasures in it wherever we go. thank you so much. xoxo

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