my latest makes

Well i haven’t been on for ages and posted my most recent makes, so like Ceri there are quite a few.

  Firstly the lovely Ellie’s scarf and card for her birthday, i really enjoyed making the scarf as it was my first attempt at Moss Stitch, and with the bargain wool Ceri grabbed for me in the sales, which knitted up beautifully, I was i have to say, pleased as punch.  The card i did with my now growing collection of buttons…seriously i think i am developing a bit of a problem with buttons…can you get addicted?  do they have a button lovers anonymous???

  Then the cake, i first tried this cake from the Hummingbird Bakery book again at Ceri’s (god you’re good), and was having some special friends round for afternoon tea…when did my life get so quaint??? anyhoo, knocked this bad boy up, and thankfully it turned out a treat, it is so nice…too nice, i actually felt my waist growing with every bite.

  Then onto my little hearts which started out as little brooches, and then I decided to put some on cards for Valentines day, i have sold some to friends at work which is nice.

  Off now to make my little boy’s lost boy outfit for school on Friday and finish some more hearts….goodnight y’all. x

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  1. i adore ellie’s card and scarf. she’s been wearing it, too and she looks very cute. thank you so much! 🙂 xoxo

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