rainbow cake!

last week, my daughter eleanor turned 3 years old. we don’t really get her loads of gifts for her birthday… but one thing that is for certain is this: i bake her a cake. every kid should have a cake on their birthday.

this year i was inspired by the internet to try out a rainbow cake. that photo looks so amazing, but i knew straight off the bat i could never make it look that good. look at the icing… there’s some serious skills and tools to make it look that smooth. i’ve embraced the fact that everything i make will have a rustic feel to it.

after borrowing a couple of cake tins from jennie and making sure i had 6 different colours of food dye, i set to work. it took me a whole day. by the end of it, i was feeling pretty tired and not sure how it was going to turn out. i won’t lie… i was wishing i’d just bought a box of betty crocker cake mix. the food dye was natural, so the colours didn’t seem as strong, and i wished the icing i’d made was thicker… but…

the next day, after singing happy birthday, blowing out the candles, and cutting into the cake… this was the result:

totally and completely worth it. it tasted good too, if i do say so myself!

alright, i didn’t use the recipe on the blog post i linked to above. i used the recipe here: http://www.joyofbaking.com/WhiteCake.html (without the jam filling.)
i made two batches, divided each batch into 3, added food colouring, and the rest you can figure out, i’m sure.

happy birthday, ellie!

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  1. still gutted i missed the party but i feel like i’m there looking at that technicoloured tower of wonder.

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