do not go gentle into that snowy night…..

well despite the worst the weather could throw at us, Thursday’s inaugural Bearwood Tapestry went really rather well!

Five to 8 saw the 5 of us sitting together round a small table in the middle of the function room above the Bear looking increasingly anxiously at each other as we each received text after text along the lines of “really sorry girls, but I’m not going to make it tonight now due to the snow”…..

And then they came!  First the youngest at 11 weeks, and some die-hard crafty ladies, and some newbies, and even two strangers who didn’t know anyone else and had heard about it on the Bearwood Blog (!

Around 20 or so of us chatted, drank, ate cake, listened to some tunes courtesy of Jez’s collection and did some craftiness in some good company.  Tidy.

Bring on next month when those who were prevented from coming due to the freaky snowstorm come along in their droves! 

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  1. Hmm, surely that avon bag counts as product placement, ceri! big thanks to everyone who made it through the snow.

  2. Ha ha! I had to check what you meant but now I see it it’s very shrewd! So, if anyone wants to see an Avon book, just give let me know 😉

  3. Wow – am now shamfaced that I couldn’t make it when an 11-week old braved the snow! Well done little one! Looks like you all had a lovely night – will be there for the next one – hoorah! x

  4. this reminds me, i need to post the photos from that night. i will do soon. it was a memorable night. 🙂

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