The Bearwood Tapestry March Meetup

all i can say for myself is that the reason there aren't many photos from that night is that i was having such a great time chatting with everyone and just being so excited about how many people were there… i almost forgot i had a camera with me. i'll try harder next time.

this is what i didn't photograph… the granny squares, the beading, the embroidery, the knit doll in a bikini, the card making, and and and almost too much to remember. what a great night.

i brought a blueberry cake along with me, too. i used the recipe on the joy of baking website. here's a link:
it was very tasty, if i do say so myself. the only change to the recipe i made is that i only had medium eggs… so i used two.

see you at The Bear on april 15th!

Ring a ding a ling

Helllo…gawd it’s been ages since i blogged and please excuse me for any typo’s as had a near fatal accident this morning with the craft knife CM Erin’s husband lent me…he can have the thing back, am not to be trusted around implements as sharp as that bad boy!!

Anyhoo, still continuing with my button obsession, i found the most amazing buttons on ebay from France and bought a load of the things, got them and loved them so made them into rings, modelled here by my glamorous assistant Steph.  I have made them for birthday gifts for friends, but am quite upset about having to give them away as i love them.  The polka dot and gingham buttons were given to me by a fellow CM and i think they look really ace as rings. 

The scarf I knitted at Christmas with the wool the lovely CM Cerri bought for me.  Really proud of it i was too.

The bunting i did for a friend who recently gave birth, so i totally nicked Jen’s idea and made this in just over an hour, again with the help of my mate. 

The cake…god now i am going to sound like such a rip off merchant, was with the guidance of CM Rachel the genius cake maker.  It was for a friends surprise birthday and she absolutely loved it…tasted amazing too…Thanks Rach.

Right am off to finish the biscuit dough and try to work out how make a splurge gun cake (my idea this time) for my little boy’s sixth birthday, will post the pics soon.

 Love Nat

spring sprung….then it started raining again!

will make this a quick one as the girls are playing up and I need to get them to bed, and have promised myself an early night…

A sneaky peek at the goodies I got from fancy silk store on Saturday after a delish lunch of noodley goodness at cafe soya to wish grannygogs Sandra a happy birthday…  aren’t they something else?!  I got the cowboys and indians, monsters and stars to make some pencil rolls for presents for kids, and couldn’t resist the scottie dog fabric.  At £11.99/m though I settled for half a metre with a view to making something small but very irresistable….

The little creatures in the egg box were part of a fabulously morning-brightening parcel that arrived courtesy of Auntie Nini, my beautiful and thoughtful sister.  The girls had jelly bunny lollies, and those little fluffy wire chicks, plus these little fellas.  The best thing being there are two of each creature so there are no arguments – bliss!

Another pic shows my first attempts with a craft knife—don’t think I’ll be giving up the day job (no matter how shit it gets in work) but am pleased with the overall effect.  Totally pinched the concept from an idea I saw online, but love the shadow play when the sunlight pours through.

Finally, here is my first attempt at the bow knot scarf granny used to wear – made from the totally delectable wool from the totally delectable Kate for my birthday.  Loved it so much I made one for my lovely Mum for mother’s day in the rowan kid mohair mix my sister gave me, so it was in fact a present from both of us! 

A wonderful night at the Bear last Thursday with at least 50% more creative bods than the time before. i loved nosing at what other people were making – it was so inspiring, and exciting to know there is so much creativity in Bearwood!  I took about 5 projects, and did about two stitches in total!  Since then have been busy starting two more projects and totally neglecting finishing Lili’s cardi! 

Have set myself the task of making a few bunny egg cosies for Easter presents this year, which may prove too much as they take a bit of time…  Did pledge not to get eggs for kids, but the cost/time factor may outweigh each other in the end!  Perhaps some cute fabric cosies instead…? 

Now, where’s the toothbrush and tranquiliser darts?

computer says no

finally, after a lot of humming and flickering, our computer has gone into full melt down so i’m typing from a laptop without my usual email and i don’t know how this post will come out but hopefully you’ll get some words and some pictures too.

march has been a bumper month for birthdays and this is just the start.  crafty friend erin got this little cushion, my first attempt at sewing with a machine for about 25 years.  how old does that make me sound?  i just checked the maths on my fingers to be sure and yes,  i haven’t used a sewing machine since my school days.  and i’m forty this year so about 25 years.  ouch!  even so, i couldn’t believe how simple this was.  i used a piece of denim from the usual source (husband’s old jeans), a charity shop jumper which i’d felted, i cut the tree out freehand from some of my old trousers (i’m an equal opps crafter!) and then used some old buttons for decoration.  the flap doesn’t open and there’s no inner cushion pad, i just stuffed it and hand sewed it closed.  i’m going to make more,  because for a start it was really satisfying to make something that doesn’t have a pin on the back!

the old recycled jean pocket bag has surfaced again for a 4 year old’s birthday.  this time i used some found red/white stripey ribbon for the strap, attached a little felt corsage and some buttons.  i was going for a jaunty angle with the embroidered name but its more like wonky!

apparently aunty mags is sixty.  i thought we went to her 60th party last year so delayed on the present until we got confirmation (that sounds mean doesn’t it?) but then i started making an icord with some of this lovely dark green wool (left over from the wrist warmers i made before) and inspired by a couple of things i’ve seen recently fashioned it into a flower shape pin.  i used the tail ends of the wool to sew the flower ‘petals’ together, which was really satisfying because usually all that weaving in ends annoys me.  then i sewed on a favourite mother of pearl button back to front (the rough, darker side looked lovely against the wool). so happy 60th mags.  i just had to stick a pin on something!

looking forward to the bearwood tapestry tomorrow night.  watch this space for more updates on our monthly crafty meetings.

come! and bring your craftiness!

The time is upon us again – this Thursday sees the long-awaited second gathering at the Bear of crafty beings from Bearwood and beyond! (well, it’s seemed like a lifetime coming round to me!)

Looking forward to seeing some more faces, assuming there’s no snowstorm this month, and chilling with the girls.  Just trying to decide what cake to bake….

Have had a busy few weeks, culminating in a crafty muthas’ field trip (literally) to the Malvern Three Counties Showground for the Creative Stitches craft fair on Saturday.  It was nice just to be out without small dependants to be chased after, to be honest, even if some of the stalls were a bit, shall we say “aimed at a different audience” and some were just downright weird (realistic baby dolls, anyone?!).

My particular fave was a fancy storytelling crafter called Zyggy, who had, it appears, single-handedly brought about a “Lucet” revolution! It’s a bit like french knitting using a two-pronged tuning fork and he was a right character whilst holding court to a million purple rinses – Rach we need your photo of his shoe laces on here!

Have also been busy making and learning new things – I finished a bow-knot scarf for myself using the delectable wool Kate gave me for my birthday, and then made another for Mum for Mother’s Day in kid mohair that my sister gave me a while back.  Really pleased with them – will upload photos when I can. 

Then, revelling in an empty house when we got back from the fair, I taught myself how to crochet a flower, so made 2, and also crocheted a beanie hat in the same mohair over the space of 24 hours.  Quite pleased with the result, but feel it needs a whacking great red flower on the side to complete it now!

Finally, before the alcohol set in too badly, I got the superglue out (never really advisable to mix these two substances) and made a stack of button earrings, which I am really pleased with!  Tried at first with new toy, the glue gun, but the glue was not strong enough.  And to finish it all off I have ordered some super-cute MOO mini cards so I can sell them or display them if giving as presents.  Ah one happy crafter!


The Bearwood Tapestry!

i managed to go through the photos i took at the first meet up of The Bearwood Tapestry! what a whirlwind of a night. i feel pretty honoured to be a part of it all.