come! and bring your craftiness!

The time is upon us again – this Thursday sees the long-awaited second gathering at the Bear of crafty beings from Bearwood and beyond! (well, it’s seemed like a lifetime coming round to me!)

Looking forward to seeing some more faces, assuming there’s no snowstorm this month, and chilling with the girls.  Just trying to decide what cake to bake….

Have had a busy few weeks, culminating in a crafty muthas’ field trip (literally) to the Malvern Three Counties Showground for the Creative Stitches craft fair on Saturday.  It was nice just to be out without small dependants to be chased after, to be honest, even if some of the stalls were a bit, shall we say “aimed at a different audience” and some were just downright weird (realistic baby dolls, anyone?!).

My particular fave was a fancy storytelling crafter called Zyggy, who had, it appears, single-handedly brought about a “Lucet” revolution! It’s a bit like french knitting using a two-pronged tuning fork and he was a right character whilst holding court to a million purple rinses – Rach we need your photo of his shoe laces on here!

Have also been busy making and learning new things – I finished a bow-knot scarf for myself using the delectable wool Kate gave me for my birthday, and then made another for Mum for Mother’s Day in kid mohair that my sister gave me a while back.  Really pleased with them – will upload photos when I can. 

Then, revelling in an empty house when we got back from the fair, I taught myself how to crochet a flower, so made 2, and also crocheted a beanie hat in the same mohair over the space of 24 hours.  Quite pleased with the result, but feel it needs a whacking great red flower on the side to complete it now!

Finally, before the alcohol set in too badly, I got the superglue out (never really advisable to mix these two substances) and made a stack of button earrings, which I am really pleased with!  Tried at first with new toy, the glue gun, but the glue was not strong enough.  And to finish it all off I have ordered some super-cute MOO mini cards so I can sell them or display them if giving as presents.  Ah one happy crafter!


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  1. oh my gosh, i forgot you all went to the malvern craft fair! i can’t wait to see the photos. i’m glad you guys had a good time. 🙂

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