computer says no

finally, after a lot of humming and flickering, our computer has gone into full melt down so i’m typing from a laptop without my usual email and i don’t know how this post will come out but hopefully you’ll get some words and some pictures too.

march has been a bumper month for birthdays and this is just the start.  crafty friend erin got this little cushion, my first attempt at sewing with a machine for about 25 years.  how old does that make me sound?  i just checked the maths on my fingers to be sure and yes,  i haven’t used a sewing machine since my school days.  and i’m forty this year so about 25 years.  ouch!  even so, i couldn’t believe how simple this was.  i used a piece of denim from the usual source (husband’s old jeans), a charity shop jumper which i’d felted, i cut the tree out freehand from some of my old trousers (i’m an equal opps crafter!) and then used some old buttons for decoration.  the flap doesn’t open and there’s no inner cushion pad, i just stuffed it and hand sewed it closed.  i’m going to make more,  because for a start it was really satisfying to make something that doesn’t have a pin on the back!

the old recycled jean pocket bag has surfaced again for a 4 year old’s birthday.  this time i used some found red/white stripey ribbon for the strap, attached a little felt corsage and some buttons.  i was going for a jaunty angle with the embroidered name but its more like wonky!

apparently aunty mags is sixty.  i thought we went to her 60th party last year so delayed on the present until we got confirmation (that sounds mean doesn’t it?) but then i started making an icord with some of this lovely dark green wool (left over from the wrist warmers i made before) and inspired by a couple of things i’ve seen recently fashioned it into a flower shape pin.  i used the tail ends of the wool to sew the flower ‘petals’ together, which was really satisfying because usually all that weaving in ends annoys me.  then i sewed on a favourite mother of pearl button back to front (the rough, darker side looked lovely against the wool). so happy 60th mags.  i just had to stick a pin on something!

looking forward to the bearwood tapestry tomorrow night.  watch this space for more updates on our monthly crafty meetings.

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  1. Well jen i’ve just been browsing your blog (at least I think thats what you call it i’m such a luddite). And I have to say it really is rather marvellous – you are an incredibly gifted lady, very inspiring and talented…keep up the good work and I hope to catch up with you soon in some form of crafty place or other. love cherylxx

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