spring sprung….then it started raining again!

will make this a quick one as the girls are playing up and I need to get them to bed, and have promised myself an early night…

A sneaky peek at the goodies I got from fancy silk store on Saturday after a delish lunch of noodley goodness at cafe soya to wish grannygogs Sandra a happy birthday…  aren’t they something else?!  I got the cowboys and indians, monsters and stars to make some pencil rolls for presents for kids, and couldn’t resist the scottie dog fabric.  At £11.99/m though I settled for half a metre with a view to making something small but very irresistable….

The little creatures in the egg box were part of a fabulously morning-brightening parcel that arrived courtesy of Auntie Nini, my beautiful and thoughtful sister.  The girls had jelly bunny lollies, and those little fluffy wire chicks, plus these little fellas.  The best thing being there are two of each creature so there are no arguments – bliss!

Another pic shows my first attempts with a craft knife—don’t think I’ll be giving up the day job (no matter how shit it gets in work) but am pleased with the overall effect.  Totally pinched the concept from an idea I saw online, but love the shadow play when the sunlight pours through.

Finally, here is my first attempt at the bow knot scarf granny used to wear – made from the totally delectable wool from the totally delectable Kate for my birthday.  Loved it so much I made one for my lovely Mum for mother’s day in the rowan kid mohair mix my sister gave me, so it was in fact a present from both of us! 

A wonderful night at the Bear last Thursday with at least 50% more creative bods than the time before. i loved nosing at what other people were making – it was so inspiring, and exciting to know there is so much creativity in Bearwood!  I took about 5 projects, and did about two stitches in total!  Since then have been busy starting two more projects and totally neglecting finishing Lili’s cardi! 

Have set myself the task of making a few bunny egg cosies for Easter presents this year, which may prove too much as they take a bit of time…  Did pledge not to get eggs for kids, but the cost/time factor may outweigh each other in the end!  Perhaps some cute fabric cosies instead…? 

Now, where’s the toothbrush and tranquiliser darts?

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  1. Progress update – just finished bunny egg cosy #1 for my goddaughter for this weekend, and it took me 3 evenings, so that’s not bad! Need to make two more for Easter weekend….

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