Ring a ding a ling

Helllo…gawd it’s been ages since i blogged and please excuse me for any typo’s as had a near fatal accident this morning with the craft knife CM Erin’s husband lent me…he can have the thing back, am not to be trusted around implements as sharp as that bad boy!!

Anyhoo, still continuing with my button obsession, i found the most amazing buttons on ebay from France and bought a load of the things, got them and loved them so made them into rings, modelled here by my glamorous assistant Steph.  I have made them for birthday gifts for friends, but am quite upset about having to give them away as i love them.  The polka dot and gingham buttons were given to me by a fellow CM and i think they look really ace as rings. 

The scarf I knitted at Christmas with the wool the lovely CM Cerri bought for me.  Really proud of it i was too.

The bunting i did for a friend who recently gave birth, so i totally nicked Jen’s idea and made this in just over an hour, again with the help of my mate. 

The cake…god now i am going to sound like such a rip off merchant, was with the guidance of CM Rachel the genius cake maker.  It was for a friends surprise birthday and she absolutely loved it…tasted amazing too…Thanks Rach.

Right am off to finish the biscuit dough and try to work out how make a splurge gun cake (my idea this time) for my little boy’s sixth birthday, will post the pics soon.

 Love Nat

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  1. the rings are just fantastic – and its about time we got the pics of that splurge gun and biscuits….they were scrumptious.

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