The Bearwood Tapestry March Meetup

all i can say for myself is that the reason there aren't many photos from that night is that i was having such a great time chatting with everyone and just being so excited about how many people were there… i almost forgot i had a camera with me. i'll try harder next time.

this is what i didn't photograph… the granny squares, the beading, the embroidery, the knit doll in a bikini, the card making, and and and almost too much to remember. what a great night.

i brought a blueberry cake along with me, too. i used the recipe on the joy of baking website. here's a link:
it was very tasty, if i do say so myself. the only change to the recipe i made is that i only had medium eggs… so i used two.

see you at The Bear on april 15th!

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