buckets of fun!

had such fun last night with the girls over at the COW workshops (www.creativeopenworkshops.com) making a bucket bag  – ta da!

Took fellow crafties Helena and Andrea along for their first taste of COW (interesting choice of expression as they are both vegetarian!) and they were a bit worried as they hadn’t sewed for a LONG time!  No need to worry, as in Francine and Denise’s capable hands (and with a rather funky programmable automatic sewing machine – wowser!) they found it was simpler than they had imagined and look at the jolly old bags we all made!  Check out all the photos on the COW website!

They had the funkiest linings too – I am addicted and now need to make them in all shapes and sizes!  The biggest revelation for me was how to make the flat bottom bit rather than just two flat sides – I had struggled to get my head around it, but now it’s like a door has opened and let the sunlight in!

They even let me keep the points we cut off the corners of our bags for the girls’ Scooby Doo characters to wear! And here’s Daphne (who else?!) modelling Helena’s lining!


Hugs go out to CM’s Rachel and Erin, who are affected by the volcanic cloud – hope you can last out in LA for another week Rach, and Erin, hope you get out to Addis very soon to catch your sisters xxxx

All Shook up

Hello crafters,

Here are a few pictures of my latest and to be fair most successful makes. 

It was my gorgeous Gabriel’s 6th birthday on April 1st and his love for Bugsy Malone inspired me to do a Bugsy party.  It was wicked, Splurge Gun cake which was so simple. I did pink hearts covered in edible glitter for the girls party bags, they looked so pretty.  The Iced Gems were the centres of the Jammy Splodgers i  made with a bit of royal icing, the most successful were the party stars, god i had such a great time making and icing them all…and then of course eating them.  Then to finish the party we had a massive custard pie fight, it was truly brilliant.

The Elvis cushion i did for one of my best friends.  It was his birthday, and he is a tricky bugger to buy for, so inspiration struck when looking at fabric, it matches their lounge and looks really ace.  Hope he likes it.

The other picture is one of my button boxes, just showing it off really….love my buttons man.

Need to get productive now ready for July, and can’t wait for our next Bearwood Tapestry night, which to be fair is a total success.

Love Nat. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 Love Nat

and there’s more

and finally….the recycled grey cushion was for rachel’s birthday.  i made it from an old jumper of mine bought around 1990 during a spate of bomb scares at the housing benefit office.  it was a very expensive time for me…forced into the city centre for hours at a time with no option but to spend my unearned money on clothes and cakes.  druckers did very well out of it.  and the bomb scares were hoaxes, phoned in by a young man desperate for afternoon trysts with his lover!  i also made a black icord and sewed it on in a wavy pattern.  the colour scheme was influenced by rachel’s recent repainting of her lounge and i hope the cushion fits in well.

the icord brooch was a present for friend, pat.  the mother of pearl button came from nat’s precious button box and matched the cashmerino debbie bliss wool perfectly.

and hot off the press, this cushion is heading to my brother’s house at the end of april as part of his wedding gift.  the cushion body and flowers are all made from felted wool jumpers from the local charity shops.  i went a step further this time and made a flap opening for the cusion and made an inner for it out of some old curtain lining.  this means it can be washed if necessary.  i’m pretty sure steve and karen won’t read this blog….but congratulations to them both, looking forward to the wedding and if you are reading this, sorry you know what your present is!

pimp my train

couldn’t resist posting the crafty efforts of my little muthas.  sonny made his morning toast into a penguin, just using his teeth and then took a photo of it.  its a work of genius in my opinion.

this painting in two halves is by sonny and scout and was for my mom and dad’s ruby wedding anniversary.  its the happy couple on their wedding day in 1970, showered in rubies and confetti.

friends were coming to dinner over easter and we had been given lots of fresh eggs so we dyed some for them to take home and combined this with painting and glittering thomas the tank engine trains. yep, they took perfectly good toys and painted them and covered them with glitter.  i realise i have no grounds for complaint when they paint the furniture.

ruby ruby ruby ruby

it was mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary at the end of march and i couldn’t get away from red and rubies when it came to their gifts… a locket with a tiny rough ruby on it, ruby red ale, a ruby wishes patio rose.  i also made a card, embroidering the letters with sequins and beads and a cake.  ah, the cake.  i wanted to make a red velvet cake and i researched and researched and read countless recipes.  i went with this onewww.joyofbaking.com/RedVelvetCake.html but wasn’t totally pleased with the result.  i think i overcooked it for one thing and it really didn’t look red.  maybe because i chose to use natural food colouring.  i also added a bit of raspberry jam between the layers because i thought it needed moistening up.  the frosting was delicious and very creamy but i was most pleased with the sugar red roses i bought online from www.cupcakestyle.co.uk. so congratulations again mom and dad.  looking forward to your golden wedding anniversary in ten years…..

what difference does it make

sorry, had the Smiths on earlier in the garden as we made the most of the sun and started clearing all the debris from the winter ready in anticipation of a little warmer weather and the chance to sit out…

All the dead vine cleared from the trellis and some gorgeous honeysuckle and jasmine tentatively starting to green up, with promising signs from the fruit bushes helped to cheer me up this morning, buoyed along by the shrieks from the girls as they were reunited with the trampolene properly after the winter months.  Then we turned our attention to the outhouse/shed, which Loz cleared out so we can actually walk in now and reach anything we need.  PLUS, he didn’t make me feel bad about the massive stash of tester pots and glass paints and brushes which I’ve been hoarding since we moved in…!  I’ve rescued a few to paint the plaster of paris moulded shapes I’ve been banging out over the weekend – think they’ll come up a treat!

Finished the day off with a BBQ at Lil’s insistence, but thankfully my man has high quality food demands, so he got us some ribs and did prawns with garlic and a salad plus potato salad – yum!  I bunged a banana each on there while we ate, stuffed with my broken easter egg chocolate, which we scooped out and ate with some vanilla ice cream…..uh-huh!


So, attached are photos of the hanging hearts I made for friends who had just moved house – nicely presented against a replicas of the BullRing bull for effect!  And my attempt at the vintage cuff for my friend Liz’s (very belated) birthday present.  Heavily influenced by alpha crafty mutha Jennie’s one she made for me, but not in the same league, it does however feature all vintage, scavenged or recycled goods – my old jeans as the base, navy suit fabric and buttons courtesy of Percy (merci, Percy!), leaves cut from some Liberty vintage fabric from Huw for Christmas, and embroidery threads from my Auntie Lesley’s stash.  So I guess Morrissey, the answer to your question is, it made none, but to paraphrase, the devil will make work for idle hands to do…..!

Oh, and my rather marvellous mini moo cards turned up…ahem…..!

Only April fools meet up and craft whilst drinking….

Just a note to remind folk the Bearwood Tapestry meet, drink and craft night in April will be on Thursday 15th from 8pm in the room above the Bear pub, Bearwood Road.  All welcome!

I should be in the shower now so will be quick – just to say had a fab Easter with lots of wild kids and chocolate and the diet starts now (again!).

Some snaps from the weekend including the speedy Easter wreath Tallulah and I made together on Thursday, plus the Bunny cosy for baby Erin (get well soon) and the mad post-March hares Lili, Nerys and Tallulah!

Hoppy Easter!