what difference does it make

sorry, had the Smiths on earlier in the garden as we made the most of the sun and started clearing all the debris from the winter ready in anticipation of a little warmer weather and the chance to sit out…

All the dead vine cleared from the trellis and some gorgeous honeysuckle and jasmine tentatively starting to green up, with promising signs from the fruit bushes helped to cheer me up this morning, buoyed along by the shrieks from the girls as they were reunited with the trampolene properly after the winter months.  Then we turned our attention to the outhouse/shed, which Loz cleared out so we can actually walk in now and reach anything we need.  PLUS, he didn’t make me feel bad about the massive stash of tester pots and glass paints and brushes which I’ve been hoarding since we moved in…!  I’ve rescued a few to paint the plaster of paris moulded shapes I’ve been banging out over the weekend – think they’ll come up a treat!

Finished the day off with a BBQ at Lil’s insistence, but thankfully my man has high quality food demands, so he got us some ribs and did prawns with garlic and a salad plus potato salad – yum!  I bunged a banana each on there while we ate, stuffed with my broken easter egg chocolate, which we scooped out and ate with some vanilla ice cream…..uh-huh!


So, attached are photos of the hanging hearts I made for friends who had just moved house – nicely presented against a replicas of the BullRing bull for effect!  And my attempt at the vintage cuff for my friend Liz’s (very belated) birthday present.  Heavily influenced by alpha crafty mutha Jennie’s one she made for me, but not in the same league, it does however feature all vintage, scavenged or recycled goods – my old jeans as the base, navy suit fabric and buttons courtesy of Percy (merci, Percy!), leaves cut from some Liberty vintage fabric from Huw for Christmas, and embroidery threads from my Auntie Lesley’s stash.  So I guess Morrissey, the answer to your question is, it made none, but to paraphrase, the devil will make work for idle hands to do…..!

Oh, and my rather marvellous mini moo cards turned up…ahem…..!

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  1. have i missed a (cock and) bull story? do you own the replica? i love the way you used that gorgeous fabric for the leaves on the cuff. huw did good on that christmas pressie and your friends will adore these makes.

  2. Huw done good, and no mistake! The bull statue is in Albert’s office from when he opened the new bullring in 2003 – the light was good in there and I wanted to take photos before I posted them!

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