and there’s more

and finally….the recycled grey cushion was for rachel’s birthday.  i made it from an old jumper of mine bought around 1990 during a spate of bomb scares at the housing benefit office.  it was a very expensive time for me…forced into the city centre for hours at a time with no option but to spend my unearned money on clothes and cakes.  druckers did very well out of it.  and the bomb scares were hoaxes, phoned in by a young man desperate for afternoon trysts with his lover!  i also made a black icord and sewed it on in a wavy pattern.  the colour scheme was influenced by rachel’s recent repainting of her lounge and i hope the cushion fits in well.

the icord brooch was a present for friend, pat.  the mother of pearl button came from nat’s precious button box and matched the cashmerino debbie bliss wool perfectly.

and hot off the press, this cushion is heading to my brother’s house at the end of april as part of his wedding gift.  the cushion body and flowers are all made from felted wool jumpers from the local charity shops.  i went a step further this time and made a flap opening for the cusion and made an inner for it out of some old curtain lining.  this means it can be washed if necessary.  i’m pretty sure steve and karen won’t read this blog….but congratulations to them both, looking forward to the wedding and if you are reading this, sorry you know what your present is!

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  1. That flower pillow is the best one so far, it is GORGEOUS. …loving Sonny’s penguin too..genius and with his teeth. x

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