pimp my train

couldn’t resist posting the crafty efforts of my little muthas.  sonny made his morning toast into a penguin, just using his teeth and then took a photo of it.  its a work of genius in my opinion.

this painting in two halves is by sonny and scout and was for my mom and dad’s ruby wedding anniversary.  its the happy couple on their wedding day in 1970, showered in rubies and confetti.

friends were coming to dinner over easter and we had been given lots of fresh eggs so we dyed some for them to take home and combined this with painting and glittering thomas the tank engine trains. yep, they took perfectly good toys and painted them and covered them with glitter.  i realise i have no grounds for complaint when they paint the furniture.

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  1. we dyed some eggs too using stuff like tumeric and red onion skins… jeez what a production! wish i’d used bottle dyes. or had white eggs.anyhoo. looks like you guys are having a very creative easter hols! fun. 🙂

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