ruby ruby ruby ruby

it was mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary at the end of march and i couldn’t get away from red and rubies when it came to their gifts… a locket with a tiny rough ruby on it, ruby red ale, a ruby wishes patio rose.  i also made a card, embroidering the letters with sequins and beads and a cake.  ah, the cake.  i wanted to make a red velvet cake and i researched and researched and read countless recipes.  i went with this but wasn’t totally pleased with the result.  i think i overcooked it for one thing and it really didn’t look red.  maybe because i chose to use natural food colouring.  i also added a bit of raspberry jam between the layers because i thought it needed moistening up.  the frosting was delicious and very creamy but i was most pleased with the sugar red roses i bought online from so congratulations again mom and dad.  looking forward to your golden wedding anniversary in ten years…..

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  1. apologies now for the blatant pinching of ideas for Loz’s parents’ ruby wedding in a few weeks…….! Loving it all. After all, red is my colour, to quote my smallest person…

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