buckets of fun!

had such fun last night with the girls over at the COW workshops (www.creativeopenworkshops.com) making a bucket bag  – ta da!

Took fellow crafties Helena and Andrea along for their first taste of COW (interesting choice of expression as they are both vegetarian!) and they were a bit worried as they hadn’t sewed for a LONG time!  No need to worry, as in Francine and Denise’s capable hands (and with a rather funky programmable automatic sewing machine – wowser!) they found it was simpler than they had imagined and look at the jolly old bags we all made!  Check out all the photos on the COW website!

They had the funkiest linings too – I am addicted and now need to make them in all shapes and sizes!  The biggest revelation for me was how to make the flat bottom bit rather than just two flat sides – I had struggled to get my head around it, but now it’s like a door has opened and let the sunlight in!

They even let me keep the points we cut off the corners of our bags for the girls’ Scooby Doo characters to wear! And here’s Daphne (who else?!) modelling Helena’s lining!


Hugs go out to CM’s Rachel and Erin, who are affected by the volcanic cloud – hope you can last out in LA for another week Rach, and Erin, hope you get out to Addis very soon to catch your sisters xxxx

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  1. Loved it, loved it, loved it – SO glad I went! I want to make lots more too – I need to start gathering fabric! Thanks so much for inviting me! Am thinking of doing the tinplate jewellery session now…

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