what lies ahead?

well the future of the country may still be uncertain, but life may be slightly rosier for me in work now we have won back 5 seats with some quality candidates…. I will say no more here as this is a celebration of all things crafty, and not some political blog, but suffice to say, this crafty mutha is a little more optimistic than she was on Thursday!

Who knows what lies ahead?  Given the experiences locally with a Tory/Lib alliance running the council, I would say we’re in for an interesting (probably bumpy and potentially scary) ride, but one thing’s for certain – this CM will still be crafting!!

Had a busy week, starting off with another bucket bag in some lush fabric from Bearwood’s own Cherry Tree for Jayne’s birthday, and a dahlia brooch in Coventry City’s sky blue! 

On Friday night I made some chiffon corsages and bobbles whilst watching Coco Before Chanel – very beautiful and I felt glad I’d decided to do something so delicate!

In the meantime I’m still toiling away on Lili’s spring greens cardi, but in the meantime had a go at this delightful owl bib (crochet!!! look at me!!) from Lion Brand’s free pattern archive for Kate (as she loves owls).  Really pleased with how it turned out too- started it last night and finished it by midday! Sorry kids, you can have breakfast now, but shall we call it brunch?

Last night I also made a flower for Lula from some rainbow wool she chose in the market, using Nicky’s flower pattern where you twist the right needle – funky!

The girls joined me in some craftiness too today when I made the delightful Mr Paul Burns a card to thank him for the danceXchange goody bags he gave the girls yesterday – I stitched a bird onto card and stuck a paper wing on for good measure!  Lili asked me to mark out a butterfly for her which I think looks brilliant – all her own work!  Lula then insisted she make one and decided to do a strawberry, which she coloured in once she’d finished!  My crafty ladies!

Lili also made the great clown card using some of Lula’s rainbow wool, which is so cheery even I can’t be down about Cameron!

And I haven’t even mentioned my adventures with shrinkies – save that for another day!

So glad all the CM’s are back in the ‘wood and looking forward to getting together again on Thursday x

it’s a nice day for a white wedding

it's a nice day for a white wedding


it wasn’t a nice day actually, weather wise, but apart from the freezing rain we had a lovely time last friday when my brother steve married my now sister-in-law karen. obviously thursday saw a flurry of crafty activity. (i had already made the cushion from my last post so it wasn’t all last minute) i wanted to do a framed paper heart and thought using an old map would be nice. old maps aren’t that easy to come by cheaply though, particularly if you want a specific location (in this case their home address and the church) so i popped off to the library and got them to photocopy a local a-z a few times. then at home i scrunched up the photocopies and once unscrunched painted one with tea, one with coffee and the third with diluted pink food colouring. then put them in a low oven to crisp up. i didn’t love the pink (no surprise there) so went back and coloured that with more coffee. then i cut out my hearts and stuck one in this lovely cream frame i picked up for £3 at dunelm.

it's a nice day for a white wedding


i was so pleased with the framed heart i decided to carry on the theme for their card. i stuck a heart onto a blank card then folded the other heart and glued the spine onto the first one to make a sort of butterfly effect.

it's a nice day for a white wedding


the last gift i made was some turkish delight rocky road. i got the recipe from a christmas magazine featuring a recipe book called ‘cook in boots’ by ravinder bhogal. my brother loves turkish delight so when i saw it i knew it’d come in handy. i still managed not to have some of the ingredients by the time the wedding came around but i did manage to produce a dark, grown up rocky road with little nuggets of turkish delight in (fry’s not the real deal but that’s exactly what i wanted because that’s what i always remember my little bro eating) alongside pistachios, almonds and cashews (i didn’t have enough almonds) and cranberries (instead of raisins). before i added the melted chocolate and double cream it looked to die for and it didn’t look too bad afterwards either – although i’d probably stick to my more traditional rocky road recipe next time and just bung in the turkish delight. the recipe made enough for my friend magic’s birthday too. i hope everyone enjoyed it as much as i did gobbling up the leftovers on sunday evening!

it's a nice day for a white wedding

keep on craftin’, keep on craftin’, keep on singing this song

so, been busy (odd, that!) lately, and mad keen to try out even more new things, so I have ordered shrinkie plastic off ebay and am waiting for that to arrive…..!

In the meantime, I was up all hours on Wed and Thurs nights to finish a baby blanket for my friend and work colleague, Louise, who left work on Friday.  It was a lovely communal idea where a number of us knitted a few squares each and then I sewed them all up, crocheted a border and sewed some fleece on the back.  We are all really chuffed with the result, and Louise was really touched.  Have to say though, Rose’s Mom is the BEST knitter I have ever seen!  Such neat perfect squares!!!

For Lou’s last day I made some pink and blue cupcakes (ably assisted by sous-chefs, and crafty mademoiselles Scout and Tallulah) and baby face biscuits (check out Ziggy Stardust – I was getting bored of baby expressions by then!) which was fun.

Also pictured is my DORGEOUS bag I made with Francine and Bonnie from COW again for Kate’s baby shower.  Lots of fun choosing more lush fabric and I was canny enough (as it transpires) to pick a ready sewn strap, which speeded things up no end!!  Loving the end result, and planning to ditch my primark spacious sequin number which has scagged all my clothes…just planning a few moderations such as a little inner pocket for my keys and phone, and maybe a strap a fraction shorter as when it’s full it’s Peter Hook bass-low!  Wishing the lovely Kate much luck baby-wise!

And I am very pleased with my first attempt at a felt dahlia brooch as seen on www.craftgossip.com. Fiddly, but very worth it!  Now off to attempt it in coventry city blue for the lovely Jayne – Happy Birthday my dear!!

Finally, I dragged the ironing board out today and ironed on the transfers I did in anticipation for the Picnic in the Park event – we crafty muthas have hit upon a wonderful idea to enthuse the neighbourhood and engender some respect for Bearwood!!  Behold, I Bearwood!!  “Made in Bearwood” was swift on its heels, and watch this space for news on “Boys in the ‘Wood” shortly!!

Place your orders now…! form an orderly queue…