keep on craftin’, keep on craftin’, keep on singing this song

so, been busy (odd, that!) lately, and mad keen to try out even more new things, so I have ordered shrinkie plastic off ebay and am waiting for that to arrive…..!

In the meantime, I was up all hours on Wed and Thurs nights to finish a baby blanket for my friend and work colleague, Louise, who left work on Friday.  It was a lovely communal idea where a number of us knitted a few squares each and then I sewed them all up, crocheted a border and sewed some fleece on the back.  We are all really chuffed with the result, and Louise was really touched.  Have to say though, Rose’s Mom is the BEST knitter I have ever seen!  Such neat perfect squares!!!

For Lou’s last day I made some pink and blue cupcakes (ably assisted by sous-chefs, and crafty mademoiselles Scout and Tallulah) and baby face biscuits (check out Ziggy Stardust – I was getting bored of baby expressions by then!) which was fun.

Also pictured is my DORGEOUS bag I made with Francine and Bonnie from COW again for Kate’s baby shower.  Lots of fun choosing more lush fabric and I was canny enough (as it transpires) to pick a ready sewn strap, which speeded things up no end!!  Loving the end result, and planning to ditch my primark spacious sequin number which has scagged all my clothes…just planning a few moderations such as a little inner pocket for my keys and phone, and maybe a strap a fraction shorter as when it’s full it’s Peter Hook bass-low!  Wishing the lovely Kate much luck baby-wise!

And I am very pleased with my first attempt at a felt dahlia brooch as seen on Fiddly, but very worth it!  Now off to attempt it in coventry city blue for the lovely Jayne – Happy Birthday my dear!!

Finally, I dragged the ironing board out today and ironed on the transfers I did in anticipation for the Picnic in the Park event – we crafty muthas have hit upon a wonderful idea to enthuse the neighbourhood and engender some respect for Bearwood!!  Behold, I Bearwood!!  “Made in Bearwood” was swift on its heels, and watch this space for news on “Boys in the ‘Wood” shortly!!

Place your orders now…! form an orderly queue…

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  1. Good god girl, you had a busy few days since i saw you, the brooch looks wicked Ceri, and lovin the bearwood products…go girl xxx

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