busy like the bees

I finally freakin’ finished Lili’s spring greens cardi!  And doesn’t it look cute though?! Mind you, I am biased as I think the model is tops.. I was a bit gutted when I had to buy one extra ball of the lovely Sirdar Just Bamboo to finish it as that one ball cost me the same as the other 6 had together…!  Still, I thought having one sleeve just 3″ long and the other to the elbow might have been pushing it a tad…

She loves it though and has worn it. Loads.

Having got that “out of the way” (is that bad when crafting seems to feel solely a means to an end?) I could finally sew up the darling clothkits russian dolls dress I got last summer for Lula (www.clothkits.co.uk).  I LOVE it! I am pleased with the multicoloured buttons up the back too.  They rock!  I also did one for Lils the following night, also a clothkits sale number from last summer designed by the “people will always need plates” guys, called Trellick Tower.  Haven’t taken a photo yet as haven’t put the buttons on or hemmed it but I am still considering it “done”….

Also made a lace corsage for my hairdresser, who requested one especially – what do you think?  Not struck on lace but I liked the colours together…

Happy 40th Jim!  I made him some Man City themed bunting (thanks for having a 3-letter name too!) and look forward to celebrating the first England win with him and my favourite namesake on Saturday x

On this particularly productive night I also made a tea towel tote for the stall – not bad for first effort – think I will make some more!

I have been buying beads aplenty lately, after coming across a bee-yoo-tifull online shop called, of all things, www.beadsbylili.co.uk.  Must be fate, I thought, as I kept clicking and adding things to my basket…..  And another one called www.beadsite.co.uk…..  so I sat there the other night with all my wares laid out on the kids’ ikea table (just the right height for crafting while sitting on settee!) and I was gutted as I could find no inspiration to put anything together.  It was like sitting staring at a table of white elephants (except I imagine they would have looked quite spectacular…!) and I felt really down about it.  I managed to make something for CM Nat’s birthday which I am pleased with, but am hoping I don’t feel the need to buy loads more stuff to try and use up the beads I already have.  One thing I did make before this epiphany was a v cute bracelet for Helena’s birthday using the greek washer beads from the beadsite bead site (do you see what I did there?).  Photo here for general perusal and oohing.

On a more sombre note I’ve reflected that I’ve been letting other people get me down too much lately – people whose opinions don’t mean jack, and who have no right to make me feel introspective or to invade my thoughts, and so I have made a conscious decision to step away from all negativity and focus on the joy my family and creativity are bringing to me – and my lovely planned holiday in the foreign sun!!!  Begone bad vibes and do not darken my door again! (oh and can you please take with you my inability to say “no” to cava and chocolate?)

On an über-positive note, welcome to the world darling Tillie and long may you shine your golden light on us all!

Oh, and I made sun hats too! How could I forget those little beauts?!


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  1. ms saunders looks divine in her cardi…that russian doll dress is just so cool….i could eat the bracelet its so delicious and tiny tillie is just a perfect combination of her parents in miniature. and as i think bono says "don’t let the bastards grind you down" and also realise that the only opinion that matters is mine!!!!

  2. Well said Jen (and Bono), Ceri you are too beautiful and kind to have negativity, and your craftiness is outstanding…keep on smiling sister. xxx

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