The Cake-Crafter

Ok, it’s only taken me about 7 months to start blogging. Well, I guess I am the cake-making Crafty Mutha. Is cake making a craft? I reckon so….
I love cake. I love eating cake and making cake and decorating cake and giving cake to other people to make them fatter than me. I have always enjoyed cooking and this was encouraged by my parents when we were kids. My Mum always had some cake or sweet goody in the house at all times and she had a phenominal skill for victoria sponge! So that must be where I get it from. I started getting a bit more creative with my cakes a few years ago and since then I have made many birthday, anniversary, wedding cakes and cupcakes galore! I have a strong attraction to butterflies and so often bully people into having butterflies on their cakes, or sneak a cheeky butterfly in somewhere!
Well, as this is my first blog, I’ll keep it short and just pop in a few pictures of some of my favourite cakes. I am starting up a cakey website soon, but more on that next time…..

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  1. rachel, that cake with the lilac butterflies gets me every time…just beautiful. and you’ve finally posted. hurrah. we just need to get mcdowall online now!

  2. wooo hoo technology roolz!Rach, you are a phenomenal cake-maker – and thanks for saying you’ll help me make one!!! There will be butterflies involved, I promise!

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