heads will rock and (pencil) roll…

..is the byline from Loz’s horror flick, but I have been in a much more blissful world than that this weekend.

With himself away, me and the girls entertained ourselves with swimming, fake noses, sewing and singing.  Had a fabbifun weekend, up crafting til gone midnight both nights.  As a consequence feeling the strain a little today…but not long til holibobs to recharge the old batteries so all’s good.

With said hols in mind, I finally put the buttons and holes on Lili’s clothkits dress (photo when she wears it!) and made the pair of them a pencil roll each for the journey.  I’d been intending to make some of these for ages (remember the jazzy star fabric and the scottie dogs?) so am chuffed they turned out so well, and maybe just maybe they will try to put the darned pencils back in their own little sleeping bags when they’ve finished…..

I also made myself a bag out of the lovely housie material Andrea kindly picked me up at Ikea, and lined it with ….. 2 tea towels!  Those fab retro patterned ones I used for the tote are lovely and strong and make a fun clashing lining for the dark bag.  It’s a courier style bag with a flap, so I made sure the houses were the right way up when you open the flap, and added some pockets and a button inside to keep things in order and safe.  Love the wide shoulder strap, and it only took me a couple of hours once I’d cut the pieces out.  Hopefully it fits with Ryanair’s strict size policy for hand luggage…!!!

The girls demanded some crafting goodness Saturday afternoon, so they designed some bunting each – haven’t taken a photo of Lili’s yet but here’s Tallulah’s “sprawbry, dod, sprawbry, dod” bunting – they put it up on the fence themselves.

Finally I have knocked together the wonderful individual squares each crafty mum has put her unique stamp on to create a truly communal piece of art!  A border of plain squares has gone on now too (that was the midnight – 1am job last night!) and although I had hoped to add some applique butterflies (also Rachel’s “thing”!) it was more important to hand it over to Erin for post-production!  I think we should all be rightly proud of it!

Finally here is a gorgeous pic of my beautiful Lilspil wearing one of my organza flowers.  I actually took 2 commissions this week (my first!) – thanks Nat!  And have handed one over to the lovely Steph…very proud, I am!

Lovely to see so many people and fun projects at the Bearwood Tapestry on Thursday night – ladies you inspire me!



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  1. Ceri you are a craft brute!!! the banner looks so fab, can’t wait to give it it’s first outing at the Picninc in the Park.

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