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Haven’t been on for ages, just don’t seem to have time at the moment, but Jen has worked hard on the new blog so thought I would be the first to try it out and Richie has the kids in the bath so got 5.

 I can’t believe it is almost a year since I entered the world of craftiness how fast has that gone well they say time flies and don’t i just.

The first thing i ever made was a sock monster each for the kids. Things have improved slightly, and I love making things from scratch, it is soooo satisfying, especially when you hear your kids telling people “my mommy made this for me”…ooh if you could bottle that feeling you could make a fortune.

A good friend of mine is getting married on Saturday and with the help of fellow CM Rachel i have made their wedding cake (or am in the process of, photos to follow) My best friend Steph is going to come with me to the venue on Saturday to set the cake up so as a thank you i made her a sock monster as she loved the ones i did for the kids…she actually gave me the socks as one of my (8) birthday presents…think that was a subtle hint!! Hope she loves him, the kids have called him Fast Eddie…not sure why but i like it.

The T-shirt is for Jayne’s son Thomas, i did a patchwork letter for our banner and the other CM’s mentioned how many other things I could embelish with my new found skill of patchwork, so i tried it, I think it looks super cute, hope Thomas does too. 

I  don’t really get time to trawl through the Millions of amazing blogs and sites to get inspiration, but I don’t need too, i am lucky enough to live next door too and be surrounded by the most amazingly talented women i have ever met, not to mention funny and kind.  How lucky am i…extweamly!

The other things are some of my stock for our stall (how nervous) I love my little Skull keyrings, sort of a Mighty Boosh feel, a selection of a few of my button rings, spiral hair clips and my cards.  It is coming around so quickly I get butterflies when i think about it.  I can’t wait.

The Bearwood Tapestry continues to be a success and something i know we are all super proud of.  

Hope to see you at our stall on the 18th July. 

 Love Nat


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  1. And did Steph love him? And what did everyone think of that amazing cake?! Just seen the tardis cake – Rach you are a cakey genius!loving the button rings and stash for stall, Nat….buttonlicious!

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