Well, I have to agree with the other Crafty Muthas, last Sunday was a huge success! It’s taken me up until now to calm down enough to put a little something on the blog. Being the Cake-crafter, I was going to sell cakes at our stall but low and behold, I wasn’t allowed, as the organisers didn’t want competition for their charity cake stall (which is understandable). So Jen and Ceri, crafties with their thinking caps on, thought I could sell sweets treats which weren’t cakes and do a raffle to win a box of cupcakes! Which is exactly what I did….
I sold Rocky Road, Scottish Butter Tablet (fudge), Butter Cookies and Viennese Whirls. They were very popular a flew off the stall at record speed. (Crafty Jen did buy a lot of the fudge though…) The man who won the raffle for the cupcakes seemed very happy too! Below are a few pictures of the goodies… So I think its definately spurred us all on to do more fairs and craftiness.
Flutterby-cakes website is still slowly being put together, where locals will be able to purchase cakes, goodies and gifts, possibly even subscribe to a Cupcake Club! How exciting! More news will follow shortly.
Yours in cakeyness

retail therapy

and so they came…despite the portentious clouds and coasting into Birmingham on the fumes of my empty petrol tank.
It was one helluva rush dashing into the house, changing the kids’ clothes for stuff I’d made(!), packing stuff and kids and mother back into the car and haring off up the hill to join my beloved crafty muthas.  Looking slightly more relaxed than the picture text Jen sent while we were halfway up the M40, Nat was even modelling one of my Julie Walters Dahlias in her hair!
I literally chucked my stock on the table and felt the tensions melt away as people started to flock to our stall….and they kept on coming…

It was a great day and I know we all felt liberated and vitalised by the reactions we got from friends, family and total strangers.  It was an exhilarating feeling to talk to someone I didn’t know about the inspiration and process that went into creating something I made entirely myself, then pop it into a bag for them and smilingly take their cash and chalk it up on our inventory. 
It’s not time to give up the day job (although I could do with the extra hours to make more stuff ) and there were plenty of lessons to be learnt on the day for me personally about display, pricing and what is and isn’t appealing to potential buyers, but ultimately it exceeded all of our hopes and dreams, and I am extremely proud of us all for what we achieved.
Now the work starts on planning our Crafty Muthas Christmas gift fair…..!  See you there!


Picnic in the Park

My mind is still trying to get around the fact that we had our First Ever Craft Sale Experience. Whirlwind is not a strong enough word to describe the experience (literally and figuratively!). When we first arrived at Warley Woods on Sunday to set up our tent and tables for the annual Picnic in the Park, we were a little apprehensive, nervous, dubious, discouraged and ready to pack up and go home because of the cold, wind, grey clouds and rain that were threatening. I’m so glad we held strong and just soldiered on… because wow. What an amazing day it turned out to be! The rain stopped, the clouds parted… and the people came to picnic!

During the few minutes of calm before people started to arrive, I tried to take a few photos of our set up and some of the beautiful handmade things my fellow Crafty Muthas brought along to sell…

Picnic in the Park

This is our banner that we made. Each of us were responsible for making 2 letters, Ceri did the patchwork of all the squares, and Jennie sewed the backing on… a group effort!

Picnic in the Park

Some of Jennie’s owls made of felted wool sweaters.

Picnic in the Park

Natalie’s rings, nestled in the lentils! And no craft table is complete without some gingham.

Picnic in the Park

 This is Rachel in her element… She was a craft sale demon that day, front and centre most of the time!

I just wanted to say thank you to Jayne, Ceri, Natalie, Rachel and Jennie for sharing this awesome experience with me… and CONGRATULATIONS for how well we did… so very proud of us.

bring your dosh on Sunday!

that’s right – come along to the Picnic in the Park at Warley Woods on Sunday 18th July and come and visit the crafty muthas stall.
we’ll be there all day with our handmade wares – each and every one “smutha’d with love” for you!
we have a luscious selection of goodies to buy on the day and will also be taking commissions if there’s something which is not exactly what you’re after – if we can make it for you, we will.  Like that ring but would prefer it in blue? let us know and we’ll see what we can do – hey I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it! (Thanks Dad!)
the kind of stuff we’ll have on the stall on Sunday includes – hand-felted and stitched cushions upcycled from loved sweaters and other woolies; cute owls and sinister bunnies; handmade and embellished cards; a corsage for every occasion (felted, organza, fabric, you name it we got it!); hair decorations; necklaces; earrings; rings; bracelets; key rings; phone charms; badges; bags; T-shirts; kids’ sunhats; pencil rolls; make up rolls; tooth fairy pillows; bookmarks; stunning photos frames or unframedPLUS the opportunity to win cakes by the amazing flutterby cakes lady – our very own CM Rachel!
prices start from 25p so don’t be a stranger – come over and say hello! (oh and please pray for a dry day….!!!).
if you can’t make it on Sunday, we’ll have a selection of our stuff for sale at the Bearwood Tapestry which is a week later than usual – that is 22nd July from 8pm at the Bear Tavern.
now Bearwood, make some noise..>!!!!!

PS photos are of the lovely Saunders girls modelling their clothkits dresses on holiday x bless!

love is like a butterfly

as soft and gentle as a sigh.

love is like a butterfly


seems like everyone is in love with butterflies at the moment, they are literally everywhere. i’ve wanted to do something else with paper ever since i did the heart map for my brother’s wedding. so i got hold of an early addition of ‘the observer’s book of british butterflies’ from ebay and got some pages copied at my local library. then, aged (went with diluted coffee and a blast in the oven), crumpled, ripped and cut them to get the finish i wanted. i’m so pleased with the results and i’d make loads more but getting hold of cheap box frames is proving difficult.

love is like a butterfly

love is like a butterfly, a rare and gentle thing. jenx

long time no craft

to say that i had lost my crafting mojo is an understatement. i haven’t knit, baked, or sewn a stitch in months. i was pretty ill back at the end of february… and well, it kicked my ass. i ran away to visit my sister and her family in ethiopia afterwards… and well, that was that. i’ve been taking a lot of photos in the meantime, which is something i guess.

then all of the sudden… there’s been some posting to the crafty muthas blog recently. and wow, how inspiring it was to see what everyone has been working on. so inspiring, in fact, that i’ve been spending the last couple of days trying to make fabric brooches for the very first time.

i dug out some old linen trousers with holes in them that i kept just in case i need the fabric and set to work. i rummaged around in my sewing kit for some old beads and sequins to bling them up a bit.

i’ve ordered some brooch pins off the internet, so they still aren’t finished yet. and it’s taking me a little while to do them because i’m not the best at sewing… i’m taking my time. trying to live in the moment!

the weather has been so amazing the last few weeks. it was so nice to sit out in the garden while i made these. blissful.