long time no craft

to say that i had lost my crafting mojo is an understatement. i haven’t knit, baked, or sewn a stitch in months. i was pretty ill back at the end of february… and well, it kicked my ass. i ran away to visit my sister and her family in ethiopia afterwards… and well, that was that. i’ve been taking a lot of photos in the meantime, which is something i guess.

then all of the sudden… there’s been some posting to the crafty muthas blog recently. and wow, how inspiring it was to see what everyone has been working on. so inspiring, in fact, that i’ve been spending the last couple of days trying to make fabric brooches for the very first time.

i dug out some old linen trousers with holes in them that i kept just in case i need the fabric and set to work. i rummaged around in my sewing kit for some old beads and sequins to bling them up a bit.

i’ve ordered some brooch pins off the internet, so they still aren’t finished yet. and it’s taking me a little while to do them because i’m not the best at sewing… i’m taking my time. trying to live in the moment!

the weather has been so amazing the last few weeks. it was so nice to sit out in the garden while i made these. blissful.

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