love is like a butterfly

as soft and gentle as a sigh.

love is like a butterfly


seems like everyone is in love with butterflies at the moment, they are literally everywhere. i’ve wanted to do something else with paper ever since i did the heart map for my brother’s wedding. so i got hold of an early addition of ‘the observer’s book of british butterflies’ from ebay and got some pages copied at my local library. then, aged (went with diluted coffee and a blast in the oven), crumpled, ripped and cut them to get the finish i wanted. i’m so pleased with the results and i’d make loads more but getting hold of cheap box frames is proving difficult.

love is like a butterfly

love is like a butterfly, a rare and gentle thing. jenx

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  1. they are truly elegant jen. have totally pinched your idea to make a 10th anniversary card for some friends this week – heart cut from a-z with the church they got married in and one of the streets they lived on plus the hotel for the reception across the road in the middle!

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