retail therapy

and so they came…despite the portentious clouds and coasting into Birmingham on the fumes of my empty petrol tank.
It was one helluva rush dashing into the house, changing the kids’ clothes for stuff I’d made(!), packing stuff and kids and mother back into the car and haring off up the hill to join my beloved crafty muthas.  Looking slightly more relaxed than the picture text Jen sent while we were halfway up the M40, Nat was even modelling one of my Julie Walters Dahlias in her hair!
I literally chucked my stock on the table and felt the tensions melt away as people started to flock to our stall….and they kept on coming…

It was a great day and I know we all felt liberated and vitalised by the reactions we got from friends, family and total strangers.  It was an exhilarating feeling to talk to someone I didn’t know about the inspiration and process that went into creating something I made entirely myself, then pop it into a bag for them and smilingly take their cash and chalk it up on our inventory. 
It’s not time to give up the day job (although I could do with the extra hours to make more stuff ) and there were plenty of lessons to be learnt on the day for me personally about display, pricing and what is and isn’t appealing to potential buyers, but ultimately it exceeded all of our hopes and dreams, and I am extremely proud of us all for what we achieved.
Now the work starts on planning our Crafty Muthas Christmas gift fair…..!  See you there!


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